How to Install Funimation on Chromecast with Google TV

Funimation on Google TV

Get ready to witness the English dubbed anime series and shows on your Google TV. Funimation is the best online video streaming service that has a huge collection of English dubbed and hundreds of subtitled Japanese shows. The Funimation library will get added with the new episodes within two weeks of its broadcasts. The few remarkable series streams on Funimation are Appleseed XIII, Dragon Ball Z, Akudama Drive, Death Parade, Attack on Titan, and much more. Besides this, you can even enjoy watching classic anime, feature movies, extras, and top trending shows in full HD quality. Funimation is available on Google TV from the Play Store, so you can get it installed on your streaming device.

Funimation Subscription Plans

In Funimation, you get three subscription plans:

  1. Premium – $5.99/month
  2. Premium Plus – $7.99/month
  3. Plus Ultra Premium – $99/year

How to Add Funimation on Google TV

[1] Set up your Google TV device with your TV. Make sure to connect it to the WiFi network.

[2] Press the home button and navigate to the Apps section.

[3] Click Search for apps on the screen.

click Search

[4] On the search field, type Funimation and select the Funimation app from the search result.

Search Funimation on Google TV

[5] Click on the Install button.

Install Funimation on Google TV

[6] Once installed, click Open to launch the Funimation app.

Launch Funimation on Google TV

[7] Next, provide your Funimation account details and click the Sign-in option.

[8] After signing in, you can enjoy streaming your favorite anime shows on your TV.

Stream Funimation on Google TV

How to Cast Funimation on Google TV

[1] Connect your Chromecast with Google TV and your Android or iOS smartphone to the same WiFi network.

[2] Install the Funimation app on your Android device from the Play Store or iOS device from the App Store.

[3] Launch the Funimation app and log in to the account.

[4] Now, tap the Cast icon.

click cast icon

[5] Select your Google TV from the list of available devices.

[6] Play any of the anime videos on your smartphone. It will appear on your Google TV screen.

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1. Is Funimation on Google TV?

Yes, you can install the Funimation app from the Play Store.

2. Is Funimation better than Crunchyroll?

When you compare the number of video titles, Crunchyroll tops the list with more than 1200 anime shows than Funimation.