How to Get Unbanned from PlayStation

how to get unbanned from PlayStation

PlayStation is undoubtedly the most popular video gaming console, which contributes an adventurous platform for game lovers. Besides playing games, you can even watch shows from streaming services like Netflix on PlayStation. At times, some users experience the unpleasant situation of getting banned from PlayStation. Many of the users were unaware of the reason for the suspension of their accounts. When your account gets suspended, you may not access your PlayStation Network or its products and services. Various reasons lead Sony to impose a ban on a particular account, and luckily, there are also a few ways to reverse it. Let’s see the possible reasons for the ban and steps to get unbanned from PlayStation here.

Possible Reasons for Getting Banned in PlayStation

On creating PlayStation Network (PSN) account, users agree to the Terms and conditions of the PlayStation service. If the user violates the Community code of conduct, then PlayStation has zero tolerance for the action. They tend to suspend or ban your PlayStation account either temporarily or permanently. For the most serious violations, the PlayStation service may suspend the PlayStation console from accessing the PlayStation Network.

Play station code of conduct

The possible reasons for the suspension include,

  1. Violating the Code of conduct of PlayStation
  2. When you promote hate speech
  3. On bullying, harassing, or threatening other players on PlayStation Network
  4. Discriminating against the other players based on gender, age, sex, race, or any other.
  5. Misconduct through trading, sharing, selling, buying, or phishing in an account.
  6. Using any vulnerabilities, bugs, or glitches to get advantages.
  7. Uploading or transmitting contents with malware, viruses, or spyware.
  8. Cheating in any of the PlayStation games.
  9. Having Debt in PlayStation
  10. Stopping bank payments to PlayStation.

How Can You Know About the Account Ban

If the PlayStation service has banned you, you will encounter an error while attempting to sign in to PlayStation Network.

How to get unbanned from PlayStation

And also, you will get a mail regarding the suspension from PlayStation Safety. The reason for banning and period of suspension will be mentioned in the mail, which is sent to the email address associated with your account. If you don’t locate the mail in your primary inbox, check it in the spam or junk folder.

If you didn’t receive the mail regarding the ban, contact the PlayStation support center.

Ban of Account Vs Console

If the PlayStation team has banned your account, then you will not be able to access the PlayStation Network with that particular account. You can use another account to access the PlayStation Network on your console. But you won’t be able to use the services and products that you have paid for in the banned account.

If your console is under suspension, then the consequences are too severe. You will not be able to connect PlayStation Network with any of your accounts on your console.

If you no longer prefer to use your current PlayStation account or create a new one, you shall delete your PlayStation Account.

Is It Possible to Unban a PSN Account

Yes. You can unban the PSN account if you know whether the suspension is temporary or permanent to proceed with unbanning your account or console.

Temporary Suspension

You will get unbanned from PlayStation automatically after the suspension period ends if the ban imposed on your account is temporary. The period of suspension will be mentioned in the email. When the period of temporary suspension ends, you can access your account normally.

Permanent Suspension

If the PlayStation account ban is permanent, there is no way to get unbanned from PlayStation unless the support team decides to unban your account. Sony must have decided to impose permanent deactivation only on witnessing serious misconduct or violation in your PlayStation account. However, you can explain your side of justification to convince them to unban your account.

How Long Does It Take to Get Unbanned from PSN

The period or duration to get unbanned from the PSN depends on how long Sony has disabled your account. You can find the result in the registered email Sony has sent you. After the set ban time, your account will gets unbanned.

How to Get Unbanned from PlayStation

There is no direct way to unban your PSN account. i.e., you should reach out to the PlayStation support page to proceed.

1). Visit the PlayStation Support page ( from your browser.

PlayStation support

2) On the Contact Support Page, click Account & Security.

How to get unbanned from PlayStation

3) On the next page, click on Suspensions.

PlayStation suspension

4) You will get the PlayStation Customer Care Number on the next page.

Call Customer Care

5) Call the PlayStation representatives and state your issue. Explain your side of justification with the appropriate reason. Your account will get unbanned from PlayStation when the support team gets convinced by your request.

If you cannot sign in to your PSN and gets an error code, it means your account is banned. When your account is suspended for account debt, it gets lifted upon paying off the balance. You shall appeal if you are sure that the suspension is done by mistake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get unbanned from PlayStation?

Yes. However, it depends on the type of ban imposed on your PlayStation console or account.

Can I change my subscription settings after my account gets banned?

No. You can’t change any subscription settings. After the suspension of your account, settings like Adding or removing a payment method or canceling a subscription won’t be available to you to change. If you want to change your subscription settings, you can contact the PlayStation support team for any sort of assistance.

Will the PlayStation take the due payment when my account is banned?

No. The PlayStation service will never take any payment for a banned account, even when the subscription payment is due while the account is banned.

Can I use my account normally after the end of the suspension period?

Yes. You can access your PlayStation account normally as before once your temporary suspension period ends. The email from PlayStation Safety will notify you about the period of suspension.