Switch Error Code 2110 | How to Fix the Issue

Switch Error Code 2110

Nintendo Switch is one of the largest used gaming consoles worldwide. However, the users witness many errors while they play the games. Nintendo Switch error code 2110 is one of the errors, and it happens when your WiFi router gets disconnected from its network providers due to the network server down, software issue, incorrect DNS settings, or cable issue. Sometimes a random bug may be the reason for this error on the Switch. So, when you see the error code 2110, use the following solution mentioned in the below article to get it fixed.

How to Troubleshoot Switch Error Code 2110

Here are the following troubleshooting steps that you can try one by one to fix Switch Error Code 2110.

#1. Restart Nintendo Switch

For many users, the error code 2110 and other problems have got fixed just by restarting the Nintendo Switch. Initially, you need to press the Power button on your switch for 3 seconds. Then, select the Power option and select Restart. Now, your Nintendo Switch will get restarted. See if the error code appears. If yes, move to the next solution.

#2. Check your WiFi Connection

The poor internet connection is the root cause of the error code 2110, and you need to double-check the network or WiFi connection speed. When you’re not sure about the connection, you can disconnect and reconnect your WiFi. To do so,

[1] Navigate to System Settings on your home screen.

[2] Select the Internet option followed by that, click on Internet Settings.

[3] From the option, select the WiFi that you’re using currently.

[4] Tap on Delete Settings to disconnect the connection.

[5] Now, return to the Internet Settings and connect to the same WiFi network again.

#3. Disable the Airplane Mode

Disable the Airplane Mode

Disabling the Airplane mode will help in resolving the error code. It will also play a vital role in fixing internet connectivity problems. For that, go to System Settings on your console and select the Support/ health & Safety menu. Now, Turn off the Airplane mode toggle.

#4. Reset your Router or Modem

Switch Error Code 2110- reset router

The steps may look simple, but this is one of the effective ways to fix the internet connectivity issues and also switch console error codes. The first thing is to turn off your router and unplug the cable from the power socket and wait for a few minutes. Then, connect the cable back to the power outlet and power on your router to see if the error code 2110 gets fixed. Additionally, you can contact your ISP for network-related issues.

#5. Change DNS Settings

You can also try changing or updating your DNS settings. The following steps will guide you to do so.

[1] On your Nintendo Switch console, go to System Settings and select the Internet option.

[2] From the list, choose your WiFi network and click on the Change Settings option.

click on Change Settings option.

[3] Locate DNS Settings and turn it to Manual.

Switch Error Code 2110- choose manual

[4] Enter your Primary DNS as and secondary DNS address as

[5] Once done, select Save to save the settings.

#6. Move Closer or Remove the Obstacles

Make sure there are no blocks or interferences between the Nintendo Switch console and the router. Also, remove the devices that send signals like WiFi routers, Bluetooth speakers, unshielded coaxial cables, and even microwaves. Moreover, you can change your console position or move closer to the router.

#7. Reset Nintendo Switch

Resetting the Switch is the final step you can perform when the above steps fail to fix the error code. Resetting the Nintendo switch will delete all your stored information and installed games. So, before resetting the console, make sure to copy or backup the data and information.

These are the effective fixes that will help resolve the Switch error code 2110. Other resolvable issues on the Switch include Nintendo Switch Error Code 2137-7504 and Nintendo Switch Error Code 2123-1502.


How do I fix error code 2110 on my Nintendo Switch?

As the error code 2110 occurs mainly due to internet connectivity, you need to check your WiFi connection, restart your Nintendo Switch console, reset the router or modem, move closer to the router, or contact the ISP.

Why does my Nintendo Switch keep saying error?

This happens when you use the outdated software version, so update Nintendo switch. Sometimes, the corrupted data will lead to errors. So, delete any of the problematic software and download it again.

Why does my Switch keep saying Communication error?

The error occurs due to the issue with the DNS servers, due to the slow internet connection, wireless signal interference, and unstable WIFI network.