How to Get Amazon Prime on Firestick / Fire TV [Guide]

Amazon prime on Firestick

Amazon Prime is a popular streaming service and the biggest competitor to streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, etc. The extensive library of Amazon Prime features top local and international movies. In addition, Amazon Prime also consists of TV shows, series, and kid-related content. Amazon Prime is accessible from more than 200 countries globally. Firestick is by Amazon, and you can watch Amazon Prime on Firestick by default. However, you can install Amazon Prime if you’ve unintentionally deleted the app on Fire TV.

Amazon Prime Video is a premium subscription service that offers three subscription plans. Each subscription is equipped with special features. It also provides 30-day free trial for new users. So, you can cancel Amazon Prime on Firestick at any time. It has been liked for its attractive, user-friendly design and layout. The content in this service is organized and categorized based on language, rating, and genre.

How to Install Amazon Prime on Firestick

Amazon Prime comes pre-installed on Firestick devices. So, you don’t need to install the app. Just sign in to the Prime Video app and stream your desired content.

Imagine a situation where your friend or known person has uninstalled Amazon Prime by using Jailbreaking Firestick. In that case, you need to install the app again from Amazon App Store. To do that, follow the steps listed below.

One-Step Guide: Go to Firestick Home >> select Find >> choose Search >> input as Amazon Prime >> select Amazon Prime >> click Get

1) Turn On your Firestick-connected TV and connect it to an internet connection.

2) On the Firestick Home screen, locate and click the Find tab.

3) Tap the first tile Search, and you’ll see a virtual keyboard on the screen. Use the D-pad on your Firestick remote to navigate the letters and type Amazon Prime on the search bar.

tap search on firestick

4) Select the Amazon Prime app from the search results.

5) Hit the Get or Download icon to install the app on Firestick.

6) After installing the app on Firestick, Go to the Apps section

7) Look for the Amazon Prime app and tap it.

8) Enter your mobile number and the password on the respective box.

9) Tap Sign-In to get Amazon Prime Video on Fire TV and start streaming your favorite movies or TV series with your family.

watch Amazon prime on Firestick

How to Watch Amazon Prime on Firestick using Screen Sharing/Mirroring

As Firestick supports screen mirroring, you can cast or mirror Prime Video from your Android or iOS. For a detailed procedure, you shall look down the section.

On Android Phone

1) Unlock your Android phone and launch the Play Store app.

2) Navigate to the search bar and type Amazon Prime using the keyboard displayed on the screen.

3) Select the Amazon Prime app from the search results and click the Install button to download the app from Play Store.

Install Amazon Prime

4) Open the Amazon Prime app and sign in using your account credentials.

5) Now, connect your Android phone and Firestick to the same Wi-Fi network.

6) On your Firestick, press the home button until the shortcut menu pops up on the screen.

7) Look for the option Mirroring and tap it.

FYI: You can also enable Mirroring in Firestick Settings >> click Display & Sounds >> tap Display Mirroring.

Click Mirroring

8) Open the Amazon Prime app on your Android phone and tap the Cast icon displayed at the bottom right corner.

Select Cast icon

9) Click the name of your Firestick and follow the on-screen prompts to start the screen sharing process.

10) Tap and play your desired content on the Amazon Prime mobile app to stream it on Firestick-connected TV.

On iPhone

Before going into the steps, connect your iPhone and Firestick TV to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, make sure to download the Amazon Prime app on your iPhone.

1) On your iPhone, open App Store app.

2) Click the search bar and use the virtual keyboard to type Fire TV Stick Screen Mirroring.

3) Install the app AirBeamTV’s Screen Mirroring app on your iPhone from the App Store.

Install  Fire TV Stick Screen Mirroring

4) Tap the name of your Firestick TV displayed on the center of the app’s screen.

Tap your Firestick name

4) The installation page of the receiver app AirBeam TV Mirroring Reciever will appear automatically on the Firestick screen.

5) Click the download icon to install the AirBeam TV Mirroring Reciever app on your Firestick.

6) After installation, open the app.

7) Select your Firestick TV name on the Fire TV Stick Screen Mirroring app and grant access to necessary permissions.

8) Tap the Select Mirror Fire TV on the screen and tap Start Broadcast.

Click Start Broadcast

8) Within seconds, you’ll be able to see the iPhone screen on Firestick-connected TV. Open the Amazon Prime app and play your desired video content to watch it on both iPhone as well as Firestick-connected TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I use Amazon Prime for free?

No, Amazon Prime does not offer video content for free. If you want to watch the content for free, sign up for a 30-day free trial.

2) Is Amazon Prime available on Firestick?

Yes! Amazon prime is an in-built app on Firestick.

3) Can I Chromecast Amazon Prime to TV?

Yes. You can Chromecast Amazon Prime to TV using Smartphone or PC.

4) Why does Amazon Prime keeps buffering?

Prime Video keeps buffering because of the slow internet connectivity. In other words, your device doesn’t have enough bandwidth.