How to Watch Amazon Prime on LG Smart TV

Amazon Prime on LG Smart TV

Amazon Prime Video is one of the most-used streaming platforms and a competitor to Netflix. With the huge subscriber support, the Amazon Prime Video app is available for most TVs, and you can easily install Amazon Prime on LG Smart TV. It is to note that on most of the LG Smart TVs, Amazon Prime Video comes pre-installed app. You just need to log in with your subscribed account and start watching the Amazon Prime content. If your LG Smart TV doesn’t have Amazon Prime Video, you can add the apps to LG Smart TV.

What’s on Prime Video

With this, you shall watch exclusive originals, sports, TV shows, movies, etc. Those new users will get Amazon Prime Video 30-day free trial. Furthermore, the users can follow actors or directors and get notified of new videos. In addition, you can even download videos for offline access. Since it supports creating profiles, each user will get a personalized experience. Prime Video supports Watch Party, with which you can host a session to watch movies and TV shows with other Prime Video subscribers. Besides, the feature lets you chat and share your thoughts. It is a premium streaming service and costs $14.99/month or $139/year.

Highlights of Amazon Prime Video on LG TV

In addition to the above features, you will also get exclusive access to the below features.

  • Users can rent or buy movies and TV shows.
  • It brings the behind the scene TV shows and movies.
  • With the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode, you can watch movies, TV shows, etc., while using other apps.
  • You can resume watching videos across all devices.

How to Install Amazon Prime Video on LG Smart TV

If you don’t find Prime Video pre-installed on your LG TV, you shall download it from the LG Content Store.

(1) With your LG TV connected to the internet, press the Home button on the remote.

(2) Choose the More Apps tab using the navigational keys.

Amazon Prime Video on LG Smart TV

(3) When the LG Content Store opens up, click on the Search bar.

(4) Search for Amazon Prime Video using the on-screen keys.

(5) Select the app from the search result and click the Download button.

(6) Wait for the app to complete its downloading process.

(7) With that, you shall log in to your Prime Video account and start streaming your favorite title on your LG TV.

How to Use Amazon Prime on LG Smart TV

(1) Open the Amazon Prime Video app on your LG TV.

(2) You will get the sign-in screen. Click the Sign-in button and enter your Amazon account.

Amazon Prime on LG Smart TV

(3) Now, you will get a 6-digit pairing code.

(4) Then, on your smartphone or PC, go to and sign in with your Amazon account.

Register Device button

(5) Now, enter the pairing code on the specified area and click the Register Device button.

(6) When the device is registered successfully, you can access all the Amazon Prime content on your LG Smart TV.

How to Download Amazon Prime Video on LG TV via AirPlay

You can screen mirror Prime Video to LG TV from your smartphone with the help of the Prime Video app.

(1) Connect your LG TV and your Android or iOS smartphone to the same WIFI.

(2) Navigate to the apps column of your smartphone to launch the app store.

(3) Click on the search bar to type as Prime Video and select it when the suggestions appear.

(4) Select the Prime Video app from the search results.

(5) Click the Install or Get button on the Play Store or App Store to download the app.

(6) Tap the Open button to launch the app on your phone.

(7) Select the Sign in button to log in to Prime Video.

(8) Browse or search for a title and start playing it.

Prime Video on LG TV

(9) Click on the AirPlay icon from the media player.

(10) Choose your LG TV from the list of available devices.

(11) With this, you shall watch the title playing on your phone on your LG TV.

Can I Stream Amazon Prime Video on LG TV using Streaming Devices?

Yes. Since LG TV has an HDMI port, you shall connect any external streaming devices to it. Some popular devices you can use with LG TV include Apple TV, Firestick, Google Chromecast, Roku, Chromecast with Google TV, Android TV box, etc. Upon connecting any of these devices, you shall open the respective app store to search and download Prime Video. With this, you shall enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies from Prime Video on LG TV.

Amazon Prime Video Not Working on LG Smart TV

If your Prime Video isn’t working on LG TV, you shall follow the below fixes to resolve the issue.

  • Firstly, check for is if the Prime Video server has downtime and wait for it to be fixed.
  • Then, find out if your LG TV has stable internet or WIFI connectivity.
  • Force close the app and launch it again.
  • Update the app on LG TV if there is any new version available.
  • You shall log out and log in to your Prime Video account.
  • Check if the subscription is still active. Else, renew it.
  • Delete and add Prime Video app on your LG TV once again.
  • Restart your LG TV, and it will fix up a lot of temporary issues.

Install the activate the Amazon Prime Video on LG TV and get access to worldwide content. Use Amazon Prime Video to watch epic movies like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Joker, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Amazon Prime on my LG TV?

Install the app from the LG Content Store and start watching all the movies & TV shows.

Can you get Amazon Prime on LG Smart TV?

Yes. If it isn’t pre-installed, you shall get it from the LG Content Store.

Why does Amazon Prime freezing on LG Smart TV?

If the internet or WIFI is unstable, Prime Video will freeze on your LG TV.

How to get Amazon Prime on old LG TV?

You shall stream it via AirPlay or Cast icon from the smartphone.