How to Change Chromecast Aspect Ratio [Easy Guide]

Chromecast Aspect Ratio

Pocket Guide

  • Using Phone: Launch VLC Media Player app >> More icon >> Settings >> Video screen orientation >> Choose a screen orientation >> Cast from VLC to Chromecast TV.
  • From PC: On Windows PC, right-click on Desktop screen >> Display Settings >> Display Resolution drop-down >> Keep Changes >> OK >> Cast PC to Chromecast TV.

Chromecast is the best device to cast media files from our smartphone or PC to the TV. Apart from casting, you can also mirror the media files to TV, which helps to stream non-cast streaming apps. Google Chromecast adjusts the resolution of the video automatically. However, while casting or mirroring, the video output to the TV may not be perfect. In that case, you may want to change the Chromecast aspect ratio or resolution so that the video will fit your TV screen. To alter the aspect ratio on Chromecast, you need to change the resolution settings on your smartphone or PC.

Can I Cast 4K Videos to Chromecast?

Yes. But casting 4K or UHD videos is possible only if you have Chromecast Ultra. Besides this, you must have a strong WIFI or internet connection with 20 Mbps to cast 4K videos without any issues. With all these and a subscription to any streaming service provider that supports 4K titles, you shall cast 4K videos on Chromecast-connected TV.

How to Change Chromecast Aspect Ratio using Smartphone

On smartphones, streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube have the built-in Cast icon. Tapping the Cast icon will cast the video titles to your Chromecast. Other than this, you can’t change any settings while casting.

Some offline video streaming apps like VLC Media Player or MX Player have settings that let you change the resolution. Upon changing the resolution in these apps, you can change the aspect ratio of Chromecast.

(1) Open the VLC Media Player app on your smartphone.

  • Install the VLC Player app on your iPhone/iPad or Android phone from the App Store or Play Store.

(2) Tap the More icon on the bottom right corner.

Click the More icon

(3) Now, click on the Settings icon.

Tap Settings

(4) The Settings menu will appear. Tap the Video screen orientation option.

Select Video screen resolution

(5) Choose the orientation that suits your TV.

Click Automatic

After changing the screen orientation, cast the VLC Media Player to Chromecast to see the changes.

You can also try changing your smartphone’s orientation from Portrait to Landscape to change the aspect ratio of Google TV. This, in turn, will fix the Chromecast’s wrong aspect ratio issue.

If you have any issues while casting the video, you can reset the Chromecast to its factory settings.

How to Change Chromecast Aspect Ratio using PC

Changing the screen resolution of the PC will change the Chromecast resolution.

(1) Right-click on the desktop screen and choose the Display Settings option to change the Google Chromecast aspect ratio.

  • Optionally, press the Windows Start button >> select Settings >> click Display.
Select Display Settings

(2) The Display window will appear. Click the Display Resolution drop-down button and choose the resolution that fits your Chromecast.

Change display resolution to Chromecast Aspect Ratio

(3) After that, click the Keep Changes button followed by the OK button.

Chromecast Aspect Ratio

(4) Now, cast your PC screen on your Chromecast. It will appear in a different aspect ratio.

It is noted that Google offers lots of customizations, and it lets you change Chromecast screensaver or backdrops.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make Chromecast fit my screen?

You can adjust the screen resolution from your smartphone or PC to fix the aspect ratio.

2. Why do I get resolutions not supported in Chromecast TV?

It may be because the video you have cast may not fit the TV screen, or it may be in the wrong aspect ratio. To resolve the issue, you should adjust the Chromecast resolution.

3. Does Chromecast have ultrawide screen high-resolution 3440×1440 support?

No. It supports upto 1080p.

4. Can I change Chromecast resolution to 720p?

No. There is no direct way to change Chromecast resolution to 720p.