How to Chromecast Funimation to TV [2 Easy Ways]

Chromecast Funimation

Funimation is one of the best options to stream anime content. If you aren’t sure how can you cast Funimation to TV, the process is simple. i.e., the Funimation app is compatible with Android and iPhone/iPad, and the users can directly cast its titles on Chromecast-compatible TVs. The best thing is Funimation has a built-in cast feature. i.e., you need not rely on the settings of the casting device. In addition, you will also find out how to Chromecast Funimation.

Important Update: Since March 1, 2022, Crunchyroll and Funimation have been merged. With this, you will find the content of Funimation on Crunchyroll, and it will benefit new and existing users.

Funimation At a Glance

It has the largest collection of anime content, including English-dubbed anime, Japanese anime content, and more. Funimation brings ad-free anime movies and shows in HD quality. Besides streaming online content, it supports offline download as well. The library of Funimation gets updated with anime movies, trending shows, OVAs, extras, etc. Most of its titles are available in HD quality, and you can watch your favorite titles offline by downloading them. It brings you simulcasts and dubbed episodes within two weeks of the Japanese broadcast.

Funimation Subscription Plans & Pricing

Accessing Funimation requires no cost, and it offers a 14-day free trial. However, it offers premium plans, and they are as follows.

  • Premium – $5.99/month or $59.99/year
  • Premium Plus – $7.99/month or $79.99/year
  • Premium Plus Ultra – $99.99/year

How to Chromecast Funimation to TV

Funimation supports the cast features by default. So screen casting Funimation contents to the big screen is quite simple. It can be done with either of the methods given below.

  • Smartphone (Android or iOS)
  • PC

Required Things

  • Android or iOS smartphone
  • The latest version of the Funimation app
  • The latest version of the Chrome browser
  • Funimation account
  • Internet connectivity

How to Cast Funimation to TV from Smartphone

With the Funimation app installed on Android or iOS smartphones, you can easily cast the app to your Chromecast. Install the Funimation app from the Play Store or App Store.

(1). Connect your phone and Chromecast TV to the home WiFi network. Otherwise, you might end up getting Funimation not casting issue.

(2). On your handheld, navigate to the apps section to click and launch the Funimation app.

(3). Select or browse for any animation show you want to cast.

(4). Go to the top-right corner of the screen, and tap on the Cast icon.

Click Cast icon - Funimation Chromecast

(5). When you get the list of devices connected to the same WiFi, select Chromecast TV name.

(6). If the connection gets established successfully, you will find your smartphone screen on your Chromecast TV.

(7). Tap the Cast icon to select Stop Casting to end screen casting Funimation.

How to Chromecast Funimation from PC

(1). Set to connect your PC and Chromecast to the same WiFi connectivity.

(2). Launch the Google Chrome browser on your computer or laptop.

(3). Using the search or address bar, visit the Funimation website.

(4). Hover to the top and click on Log In button to provide the necessary details.

Select Login

(5). When the home page loads up, click on any video on Funimation to play.

(6). Now right-click anywhere on the screen to choose the Cast option on the pop-up.

  • Alternative: Hover to the top-right to click on the Menu icon and choose the Cast option.

(7). If you get the Cast tab pop-up, select the Chromecast TV name.

(8). Furthermore, click on the drop-down icon in the Sources box to select the Cast tab.

Select Cast tab - Funimation Chromecast

(9). When the connection establishes, you can start streaming Funimation content on Chromecast TV.

Can’t Cast Funimation to TV: Reason Out

There may be times you cannot cast Funimation to Chromecast TV. In that case, you should check for the internet connection between your Casting and Cast To devices. It might be the issue for Funimation won’t cast to TV in most cases, and rectifying it will let you cast Funimation to TV.

Funimation on Chromecast Not Working: Possible Fixes

When casting Funimation to Chromecast TV, you may come across certain issues that can be quickly resolved. Some of the most common issues include internet connectivity issues, server outages, expired subscriptions, app or firmware outdated, etc.

  • Connect your Chromecast TV and phone/PC to the same WIFI.
  • Check if the internet bandwidth is stable. Else, connect to the fastest WIFI network.
  • Keep the Funimation app updated on your handheld. If you are casting from a PC, ensure the Chrome browser is updated.
  • Find if the Funimation servers are working and not down.
  • Close and relaunch the app on your phone and then begin casting again.
  • You shall update Chromecast firmware with the latest version.

Casting anime videos on Funimation to Chromecast-connected Smart TV is simple and easy. All you need to spare is a minute or two. If you want a better alternative to Funimation, you can Chromecast Crunchyroll to TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Funimation work on Chromecast?

Yes, you can cast the Funimation app or the webpage onto Chromecast.

Is Funimation better than Crunchyroll?

When you compare the number of video titles, Crunchyroll tops the list with more than 1200 anime shows.

Can you cast Funimation on TV?

Yes. For the detailed procedure, you shall look at the section above.

Why can’t I cast Funimation on TV?

When the casting and cast to devices are connected to different WIFI, then you cannot cast Funimation to TV.