How to Chromecast Safari Browser to TV [Using iPhone & Mac]

Chromecast Safari Browser

Safari Browser is an Apple-developed web browser and is the default web browser on all Apple devices. It features many attractive features like Reading List, Favourites, and iCloud. Safari browser allows the user to customize the start page with a customizable background image and favorite features. Above all, the Safari browser is the world’s fastest browser to work on Apple devices while consuming less battery. Since it is an Apple-only browser, accessing it on other operating systems isn’t possible. However, it isn’t the case if you want to Chromecast Safari Browser to TV. With the workarounds, anyone can use Chromecast with Safari to stream 4K HDR videos on TV besides browsing.

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With the Safari extensions, the users can take advantage of the web in the way they want. Chromecast only needs the HDMI port to connect to your TV. It makes use of the Google Cast Protocol for functioning on your TV. With that, you shall cast anything from your iPhone/iPad or Mac PC to your Chromecast TV. For instance, you can stream Netflix and YouTube on TV. Additionally, you can control your Chromecast TV from your phone/PC.

Does Safari Support Chromecast?

No. Although a lot of iOS apps on the App Store have built-in cast support, Safari doesn’t include the feature. It may be because it is a browser specifically designed for Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So, there exists an incompatibility between the browser and other devices.

How to Chromecast Safari Browser Webpages to TV

The Safari browser on iOS doesn’t include a cast function. So, while using Safari, if you need to share web pages for a presentation or something relevant, you shall use an app called Momocast. It is a free app that works on both iPhones and iPad.

1: First, install Momocast on your iPhone or iPad for free from the App Store.

Chromecast Safari Browser

2: Next, connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast.

3: Now, launch the Safari browser on your device and navigate to the webpage you want to cast.

4: Tap on the Share icon and choose Cast with Momocast.

5: Now, the webpage loads on Momocast with the Cast icon on the right-top corner. Click on it and tap on the name of your Chromecast to connect.

6: Next, tap on Mirror Screen. Now, start streaming your webpage in your presentation or your friend’s pictures on Instagram to Chromecast.

7: Select Disconnect to end streaming.

How to Chromecast Safari from iPhone to TV

1: Firstly, install the Chromecast Streamer app on your iPhone from the App Store.

Chromecast Safari Browser

2: Secondly, open the Chromecast streamer app and select your device from the list. Click on Connect to establish.

Chromecast Safari Browser - Click Connect

3: In the casting section, select the Screen Mirror tab.

Select Screen Mirror

4: Next, set mode, bitrate, and resolution as needed. Then, click on the Start Mirroring icon.

Chromecast Safari Browser -Tap to Start Mirroring

5: Click on Start Broadcasting to begin mirroring your screen on Chromecast.

Start Broadcast

6: Finally, launch the Safari browser and start using it, which will be screen mirrored to your Chromecast-connected TV.

Alternative Ways to Chromecast Safari to the TV from iOS & Mac

If you don’t want to rely on third-party apps to cast Safari, you shall then follow the below steps.

Note: Keep your Chromecast TV and your casting device (iOS/Mac) on the same WIFI network.

Chromecast Safari from iPhone/iPad

You require an Apple Digital AV Adapter to carry out the below steps. So, you shall purchase it either online or by visiting the store. The method works even if you don’t have Chromecast.

Chromecast Safari

1: Power on your TV, and press the Input/Source button on the remote controller.

2: Choose the HDMI option on the following screen.

3: Now, you shall need to connect the Apple Digital AV Adapter to your TV’s HDMI port with an HDMI cable.

4: Then, plug the other end of the USB cable into your iOS device.

5: With this, you shall find your iPhone/iPad screen on your TV.

6: Now, launch the Safari browser to surf or play videos, and the same will appear on your Apple TV.

Chromecast from Safari using Mac

With the installation of Chrome on Mac, you shall cast the Safari browser to your TV.

1: Launch the Chrome browser on your Mac.

2: Hover to the top-right to click on the Menu icon.

3: Choose the Cast option on the expanded menu bar.

4: When you get the pop-up, select Cast desktop under the Sources drop-down to cast your entire desktop to the TV.

Select Cast desktop

5: Then, select your Chromecast TV among the available devices.

6: When your Mac screen gets mirrored to your Chromecast TV, you shall launch the Safari browser.

7: Start surfing on the browser, and the same gets cast onto your Chromecast TV.

By casting Safari Browser to a Chromecast device, you can browse, and play music, and videos on other devices. Above all, enjoy safe and fast browsing possible with Safari Browser. Like Safari, you can even Chromecast Opera browser to the TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Chromecast from Safari?

No. Safari doesn’t include built-in cast support, and you cannot cast it to Chromecast TV.

How to cast Safari to Chromecast TV?

You can check out the above space for the different ways in which you can cast and stream Safari to Chromecast TV.

How to Chromecast Safari from iPhone?

You shall use any third-party casting apps on iPhone to screencast Safari from iPhone. Alternatively, you shall use the Digital AV Adapter to cast it.

Can I Chromecast Safari from iPad?

Yes. You can cast Safari from the iPad by following the same steps that you used to cast from iPhone.