DAZN Free Trial: Is it Available & How to Sign Up

DAZN Free Trial

Pocket Guide

  • There is no DAZN free trial as of 22nd February 2022, and you cannot watch DAZN for free.
  • The user should get the DAZN subscription to access the service.
  • Since it is a contract-free service, you can cancel the subscription anytime if you aren’t satisfied with it.

DAZN is a one-stop service if you want to stream sports-related content. The service cover sports like Association Football, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, and more. The free trial helps users check out the entire service and its features. Many streaming services, including Netflix stopped free trials for new subscribers. Like Netflix, DAZN also does not offer a free trial. DAZN officially stopped the free trial on 22nd February 2022. The only way to access DAZN content is by subscribing to any one of the premium plans.

DAZN: Pricing

★ DAZN will cost you around $19.99 per month or $149.99 per year in the United States. The cost will differ by region.

☆ DAZN PPV will cost you around $59.99 per month in the U.S and $59.99 CA per month in Canada.

★ Users can add the DAZN PPV along with DAZN, and they can purchase the plan for $79.98 per month.

How to Sign Up for DAZN Account

#1. Initially, head to the DAZN’s official website on your preferred web browser.

#2. On the home page, tap the Sign Up Now button.

Tap the Sign Up Now option - DAZN Free Trial

#3. Now, select your subscription plan and then tap Get Started button at the bottom.

select your subscription plan - DAZN Free Trial

#4. Enter the details like First name, last name, E-mail, and the desired password on the Join DAZN Now page.

Enter the details nd tap the Continue button

#5. Once you have provided the details, tap the Continue button.

#6. Select the payment method and submit the payment details.

#7. Finally, hit Start Subscription with the Obligations to Pay button.

Select the payment method - DAZN Free Trial

That’s all. You can now start streaming your favorite content on DAZN.

How to Cancel DAZN Subscription

Since the subscription auto-renews, you can cancel your DAZN subscription anytime. It is a contract-free service, and thus, you will not be charged for canceling. You should cancel the subscription to avoid being billed.

1). Visit dazn.com on your preferred web browser.

2). Sign in to your account using the DAZN login credentials.

3). Tap on My Account at the top right corner of the screen.

4). Select the Subscription option from the drop-down menu.

5). Then click the Cancel Subscription button.

6). Submit the reason for canceling your subscription plan.

7). Now, enter your account password and hit the Cancel button to cancel your subscription.

What’s on DAZN?

DAZN carries many on-demand content and sports events. Original programs include 40 Days, Saturday Fight Live, One Night, Meiji Yasuda Seimei J-League, and 14 AFC tournaments, including the AFC Champions League, Serie A, La Liga, the Belgian League, cup competitions, etc. Subscribers can also watch the fight replays and additional behind-the-scenes videos. The shows and content may vary from region to region. It is noted that the availability of DAZN content varies based on the country, and you can find the available titles under the Explore section.

DAZN content

DAZN: Compatible Streaming Devices

You can watch DAZN content by installing the app from the app store on the streaming devices listed below.

Is DAZN Worth it?

DAZN is worth using when compared to other sports service providers. Subscribers can stream the on-demand titles in 4K HDR streaming quality. Lately, DAZN has focused on boxing matches and related stuff. But later, they came up with premier sports leagues like NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, F1, MMA, etc. It is the best service to watch boxing, football, iconic DAZN documentaries, and more.

You can watch sports or boxing content without buffering issues if your internet connection is stable and fast. The only negative thing about DAZN is that it stopped the free trial for new subscribers. As per the DAZN official website, it is accessible from 200+ countries worldwide. Those who don’t have access to this streaming service can get a VPN on their device to unblock the geo-restrictions and stream them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cancel the DAZN free trial?

Since there is no free trial available, the users cannot go ahead with canceling DAZN free trial. However, the service permits users to cancel their subscriptions.

2. Can I watch DAZN fights for free?

No, you need to subscribe to watch the DAZN fights. In addition, you can also watch sports content without paying an extra fee.

3. Can I get a DAZN free trial code?

No. The company has closed the free trial codes and coupons.

4. Why is DAZN Not Working?

DAZN may not work when your subscription is expired. Renewing the plan is recommended if you haven’t enabled the automatic renewal.