DirecTV Error Code 721 | Best Ways to Fix the Issue

DirecTV is one of the best and most popular cable TV services where you can enjoy unlimited services and channels at an affordable price. Though the service is pretty high and stable, the user might encounter a few technical errors while streaming. A lot of times, the user might encounter the DirecTV error code 721. If you aren’t sure of what does error code 721 mean on DirecTV, then it means that the channel you are trying to view is unlisted on your subscription plan. Apart from this, the error Code 721 on DirecTV even appears due to firmware error, poor signal, and when the receiver fails to receive program information. Here, we have shared the troubleshooting ideas to fix this error.

How to Resolve DirecTV Error Code 721

  • Check your Subscription plan
  • Reset your DirecTV Receiver
  • Power Cycle DirecTV Receiver
  • Refresh your Service
  • Reach ATT Support

Check your Subscription Plan

Check your Subscription plan

The foremost step is to check if the channel is included in your subscription plan and if you have the right to view the channel. If the particular channel is not included in the plan, then it will end up in DirecTV Error Code 721. To verify it, get into the DirecTV channel lineup page and click Check it. Now, scroll down and see if the channel is there in your package. If not, then you need to upgrade the plan.

Refresh DirecTV Service

When the channel is included in the plan, and you still get the error code, then try refreshing your DirecTV service. Sometimes, there will be a minor glitch on your receiver, which may fail to upgrade that you have the rights to access the particular channel. For that,

  • Launch the web browser and visit the official site (
  • Navigate to My Account and click on My Equipment. You will see your DirecTV account’s receivers.
  • Select the Refresh Receiver option.
  • Now, wait for a few minutes for the DirecTV receiver to get refresh and check if the error is resolved.

Reset your DirecTV Receiver

Error Code 721 DirecTV - Reset Receiver

To reset the DirecTV receiver, press the Reset button (small red button) available at the back of the receiver. Wait for the device to reboot, and all the lights will flash at once. Once again, press the Red button and see if the error still persists.

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Power Cycle DirecTV Receiver

Error Code 721 DirecTV - Power Cycle DirecTV Receiver

Power cycling the DirecTV receiver is another solution that helps fix the error. To perform this, make sure that you’re not streaming anything on DirecTV. Then, from the power outlet, unplug the DirecTV receiver’s cable and remove the cord from the DirecTV device. Wait for a few seconds, plug the cables back, and turn on the receiver. Now, check if the error code still appears.

Reach ATT Support

If all the above troubleshooting methods fail to fix the DirecTV Error Code 721, you are advised to contact ATT Support. They can help in finding the issue and resolving it. ATT’s toll-free number is 888.388.4249

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How do I fix my Direct TV error?

When you face any DirecTV error, refresh your DirecTV service or restart your receiver. This will helps in fixing the error issue.

How do I fix error code 772 on DIRECTV?

Reboot the receiver to fox the error code 772. For that, unplug the receiver’s power cord from the socket and plug it back in after 15 seconds. Now, press the Power button, and this will reboot the receiver.

Why is my DIRECTV not working?

If your DirecTV does not work, check your receiver’s power supply, verify the TV input, and look for the outage and cable connection.

Why do local channels on DirecTV not working and bring error code 721?

If you have not subscribed to the local channels on DirecTV, then you will find them not working showing error code 721.

What to do when DirecTV waiting for the receiver signal message appears?

The user can unplug the power cord of the receiver from the electrical outlet, wait for 15 seconds, and plug it back. Now, power on the receiver and wait for the receiver to reboot.