DirecTV Error Code 775 | How to Fix

DirecTV Error Code 775

DirecTV Error Code 775 is the common error where something goes wrong on the television screen, and the picture on the screen will freeze or you will not any picture. It basically indicates the problem between the DirecTV receiver and the satellite dish. It might occur due to the poor connection, hardware or software issue on your DirecTV receiver, swim power receiver, damaged or broken cables, or natural/climate changes. So, when you get the error code 775, it needs to be fixed. Check out this article for guidelines on how to fix error code 775 on DirecTV.

How to Fix DirecTV Error Code 775

Here, are the best solution that helps in fixing the error code 775.

Solution 1: Check your DirecTV Receiver Connection

DirecTV Error Code 775 sometimes happens when there is any loose cable connection. So, you need to make sure that your DirecTV receiver is not loose and seated properly starting with SAT In or Satellite connection. Then, make sure the connection on the back portion of the receiver is secure and connected properly. Once done, turn on the TV and see if the error still persists.

Solution 2: Check Swim Power Inserter

 Check Swim Power Inserter

If the above solution does not work and still the error appears, you need to keep an eye on the Swim Power Inserter. i.e., you need to make sure that the Swim Power Inserter is connected properly to the power outlet.

  • The first step is, you need to turn off the Swim power inserter.
  • Then, unplug the cable from the power outlet and wait for a few seconds.
  • Again, plug in the swim power inserter back to the cable and turn it on.
  • Now, turn on your TV and see if the error code is fixed or not.

Solution 3: Wait for a While

The DirecTV Error Code 775 usually happens due to climate changes or natural occurrences. And most of the users have complained that this error happens mainly during the rainy season. As natural and climate changes play a vital role in the satellite connection process, it is advisable to wait until the storm or rain stops. You shall check if the problem is resolved or not later.

Solution 4: Contact DirecTV Service Provider

When all the above solution fails, then you can directly contact the DirecTV service provider for help. You can explain the error you face and they make a home visit and helps you in fixing the error.

Other Fixes to Try:

Restart SWiM Device

You can either press the red Reset button on the receiver to restart the receiver or use the DirecTV remote to choose Menu >> Settings >> Reset Options >> Reset this receiver.

SWiM Device Help

SWiM- Green Light or Blinking Green Light;

  • Double-check that the cable is well connected to the SWiM.
  • Ensure that the cables are in good condition without any damage. If damaged, you can contact DirecTV for replacement.
  • Now, open the DirecTV and see if the issue still persists.

SWiM No Green Light;

  • You need to ensure that the power cable is secure on both ends.
  • Check the power socket works properly and turn on the switch.
  • If you use the GFCI outlet, reset the outlet.
  • If you’re a smart power strip user, then disable the auto-off function or change to a regular power strip.
  • Or try plugging the SWiM into different power sockets.

These are the simple fixes that will help you to solve DirecTV Error Code 775. With this, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies without any interruption. The issue can easily be resolved just like DirecTV Error Code 721.


What causes DIRECTV error code 775?

The error code happens due to broken or damaged cables, issues with the DirecTV receiver or swim power inserter or natural disasters.

How do I reset my DIRECTV receiver?

Turn off the DirecTV receiver and unplug the cable from the power socket. Then, re-plug the cable back in and turn on the receiver.

How do I refresh my DIRECTV signal?

Open your At & T TV account, select My DirecTV >>  Manage Package >> Manage receivers >> click Refresh receiver.

What does DirecTV code 775 mean?

It means the problem between the DirecTV receiver and the satellite dish