How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 42

Disney Plus is a popular OTT streaming platform for watching movies, series, TV shows, and Documentaries owned by Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. The service gained the attention of millions of users, and now it is one of the most preferred streaming services. Disney Plus provides a premium experience to the users by offering the originals, popular shows, and classic movies. In addition, it is one of the few family-friendly applications with in-built parental controls. However, while enjoying the benefits of Disney Plus, you can’t avoid encountering some random error on the platform. Getting error codes in OTT platforms has become the most common these days. Disney Plus error code 42 is one of the error codes, and usually, it appears due to problems in the internet connection or when the session becomes timeout.

Possible Causes of Disney Plus Error Code 42

Error Code 42 is similar to Disney Plus Error Code 142. It will pop up an error with the message “We’re sorry; we’re having trouble connecting you to the service. Please check to see that you are still connected to the Internet and try again (Error Code 42).”

Disney plus error code 42

The possible causes for the error include,

  1. Issues in internet connection.
  2. Too slow or weak internet signal.
  3. Malfunction in streaming devices.
  4. Problem with Disney’s Internet Servers.

How to Fix Disney Error Code 42

You can fix Disney Plus Error Code 42 in the following ways,

  1. Check the internet connection
  2. Sign out from Disney Plus
  3. Restart your streaming device
  4. Reset your router/modem.
  5. Clear the cache
  6. Reinstall Disney Plus App
  7. Check Disney Plus server connection

Check the Internet Connection

More frequently, the poor connectivity on the internet throws an error message on most streaming platforms. So, checking your internet connection is the primary thing you must look after once the error 42 pops up. First, check your internet speed and make sure your device is connected to a stable internet connection. If the signal quality is low, try placing the router/modem nearer to the streaming device or in higher places. You can also reduce the playback quality if a 4k resolution is selected.

Sign Out of Disney Plus

Usually, temporary bugs and glitches corrupt the app for a short time, and just logging out of Disney Plus can help you to sort out the issue. Log out of your Disney Plus account from your devices and sign in after a few minutes. Now check whether the error got resolved or not. Assure that you do not exceed the service’s simultaneous log-in count.

Log out Disney plus

Find out if the Disney Plus Free Trial is still available and take a look at its subscription and bundle plans.

Restart the Streaming Device

The Disney Plus app sometimes pops an error when you stream with one device. If you connect to another device, you may not find the error. If that’s the case, try streaming Disney Plus on different devices to find whether the problem is in the particular streaming device or not. You can try fixing the error by troubleshooting the device by unplugging the device for a few minutes and plug in again. Then, try streaming Disney Plus again and look at whether the error got resolved or not. If not, try other fixes mentioned.

Reset your Router/Modem

Simply resetting your device will resolve the Disney Plus error 42 if the error is raised due to the temporary malfunction of network devices. Power off and unplug the modem/router for a few minutes. Plug in and power ON the modem/router again. Try streaming Disney Plus on the device to check whether the error is gone.

Disney Plus Error Code 24 is yet another issue one would face when the service is accessed from a geo-restricted place. Resetting the router is one of the troubleshooting ways to fix it up.

Clear the Cache

If you attempt to stream Disney Plus on a mobile or tablet, the error code 42 occurs due to the application’s data cache. The cache sometimes interferes with the reliable connection. Clearing it might fix up the issue.

And also, if you try streaming Disney Plus on web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera, try to clear the cache of web browsers to sort out the error.

Reinstall Disney App

If clearing the cache does not solve the Disney Plus error code 42, Uninstall the Disney Plus application from the problematic device and reinstall it again. It can help you solve the issue caused by Disney Plus error code 42.

Check Disney Plus Server Connection

Occasionally, the Disney Plus server may go down for maintenance purposes. You can check the downtime for maintenance information stated at the Disney Plus help center.

Disney plus error code 42- server down

In addition, the server can also go down due to the heavy traffic volume during peak hours or during the release of much-awaited new releases.

Unfortunately, you can do nothing if the server is down. Wait until the Disney Plus server returns to normal, and then try streaming Disney Plus and enjoy your TV time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I restart my Disney Plus app?

You can try to clear your cache and then reinstall Disney plus.

Delete the application and reinstall it
or just Log out of it and log in again.

Why does Disney Plus keep crashing on Smart TV?

Your slow Internet connection may be the possible cause of all of your streaming playback issues. Sometimes, when you have a lot of cookies and cache data stored on the device or the Disney Plus server is down, it causes the app to malfunction.

How do I clear the Disney Plus cache?

To clear the Disney Plus cache from the home screen, go to Settings.
Tap Apps > Disney Plus > Storage.
Just Tap on both Clear Cache and Clear Data options.