How to Fix Element TV Remote Not Working

Element TV Remote Not Working
Element TV Remote Not Working

All the smart TV users do know the importance of the TV remote. It bears the maximum functionality, but earlier, we had the basic key on the TV. Element TV is a very popular smart TV with a simple and straightforward interface that can be manipulated using a remote control. It would be really frustrating if the remote stop working all of a sudden. But there can be various reasons that we should be aware of. It is always good to learn from the issue so we can stay cautious the next time before it happens. In case the new element TV remote is not working, the issue needs a fix at the initial stage itself, just like fixing Insignia TV remote not working issue. Check out the best working fix to try when your Element TV Remote is not working.

Why is Element TV Remote Not Working

The reason for the element TV not working issue can be due to multiple issues. Here are some of the basic reasons that can be a reason for the following problems.

1. Batteries: If the charge in the battery drains out completely, the Element TV remote won’t work. Sometimes, it may be due to the battery not being placed properly in the slot.

2. IR Sensor: It is the basic sensor that transmits the signal to the TV. Here are some of the reasons for the IR sensors to stop working, which in turn is the reason for the Element TV remote not to work.

  • Any hindrance between the transmitter and the receiver.
  • If the direction of pointing the remote is not accurate.
  • If the IR sensor is damaged and stops working.
element TV remote - Element TV Remote Not Working

3. Remote Settings: There is a chance for the remote to stop working due to physical damages or liquid spillage. Or if there is an issue in setting the remote in proper modes can also be a reason for not working.

How to Fix Element TV Remote Not Working

Here are the basics methods to fix the Element TV remote not working issue.

Important Note: The same fixes will be applicable when the Element Roku TV remote isn’t working.

Check and Replace the Batteries

The remote does not have a battery indicator, so the only possible way to check the battery is by replacing it with a new one or trying those batteries on a different device. You can try changing to new batteries to fix the issue. Here is how to reset the Element Roku TV remote.

  • Pull out the batteries from the remote.
  • Identify the Power button on the remote, press and hold it for 20 seconds.
  • Unplug the TV from the power socket and press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  • Now, plug it back into the power socket.
  • Check if the new Element TV remote not working issue is resolved.

Check the TV Mode

If the issue continues, there are chances that the mode of the remote can be wrong. So ensure if the remote is set to the TV mode as it would prepare to control the Element TV. Here is how to do it.

1. Ensure that the TV is turned ON and the remote is paired with the device.

Navigation button on Element TV Remote

2. Click on the Navigation button on the remote.

3. Scroll down to check on the mode available and click on the TV mode available in the list.

4. Proceed further by clicking on the Select option and confirming the mode.

Find if the IR Light is Working

The IR sensor is the signal that transmits the input from the remote to the TV. Check if the signal is generated in the remote. However, it is not possible to check this with the naked eye. Alternatively, we can use our phone camera, by pointing to the tip of the remote and pressing the buttons. If you can see the diode blinking, it denotes that the IR sensor is working fine.

Check if the Remote Button Works

Inspect the remote thoroughly to check if the buttons on the remote work fine. Sometimes an issue with the buttons might completely stop the remote from functioning. You can check the IR using a phone camera to check if the signal is generated. Check each and every button on the remote to see if the light flickers. If the light continuously flickers, it means the button got stuck. If any issue is diagnosed, the final choice is to replace the remote with a new one.

Clean Remote if Required

Every product would face slow wear and tear of the internal components. It is mandatory to schedule frequent maintenance of the product to increase the product’s life. If you fail to clean it regularly, there would be a lot of dust accumulating in the remote and under the keypad, which would stop them from responding. The user can even use an air blower or cloth to get the dust out of the remote and check if the remote works fine after cleaning.

Tips & Tricks:

  • In addition to the fixes, it is recommended to check if the cables aren’t loose. If so, the issue isn’t certainly with the remote controller. It is even better to plug out the cables and connect them back and check if the Element TV Bluetooth remote not working issue is resolved.
  • Sometimes, the signal from the remote may not reach the TV when there are any obstacles around. So, you shall try removing them, if any, to check if the remote is working.

By now, we will be aware of the basic troubleshooting steps if the Element 4K TV remote stop working. It is better to know how to fix things as it would save a lot of time and money. If none of the above methods work, then reach out to the support team, and they will guide you further regarding the replacement or repair option available. Meanwhile, you shall check the possible fixes you can try to fix when the Apple TV remote is not working.


Where is the Reset button on Element TV?

On the Element TV, use the power button to reset. The process is very simple, we can unplug the TV from the power socket and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Now, turn on the Elements Roku TV and follow the on-screen instruction to proceed with the resetting process.

Why Element TV remote not pairing?

There can be multiple reasons for a remote not pairing to an Element TV. Some of the reasons could be a low battery, Remote not functioning, object interfering with the signal flow, and much more.

Why does my Element TV remote stop working?

It may be because of low battery, obstructles, incorrect TV mode, etc.