How to Watch Facebook on Roku

facebook on roku
facebook on roku

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  • The Facebook app is officially not available on the Roku Channel Store.
  • As an alternative, you can Cast or Screen Mirror the Facebook app on Roku from your Android and iPhone.
  • Additionally, you can also cast or Screen Mirror the Facebook content on Roku using Windows and Mac.

Facebook is a popular social media platform where you can post photos, videos, reels, and chat with your friends. Unfortunately, the Facebook app is unavailable for Roku on the Channel Store. However, you can cast or screen mirror the app content on your Roku TV using your smartphone and PC. By screen mirroring the Facebook app, you can watch personalized videos and reels for quick entertainment on your Roku TV.

In this article, we have mentioned all the possible ways to stream videos and reels from the Facebook app on your TV.

How to Cast Facebook on Roku Using Android

With the Facebook app on your handheld, you can cast Facebook Live to Roku TV by following the steps mentioned below.

1. Connect your smartphone and Roku TV to the same Wifi connection.

2. Download and install the Facebook app from the Play Store.

3. On the Roku home screen, select the Settings option.

Facebook on Roku

4. From the Settings menu, choose the Screen Mirroring option.

5. Select the Always allow or Prompt option to allow devices to mirror content.

Facebook on Roku

6. After that, select the Screen mirroring devices option.

Facebook on Roku

7. Your Roku device will search for nearby devices. When your smartphone is detected, choose it.

8. Now, open the Facebook app on your smartphone, and log in to your account.

9. Select the Notification panel on an Android phone and choose the Cast option.

10. Choose your Roku TV to mirror your phone to it.

Now, watch the app content on your Roku TV.

How to Cast Facebook on Roku from a Windows PC

1. Make sure to connect your PC to the same WiFi network as that of your Roku.

2. Launch the Google Chrome web browser.

3. Go to the official website of Facebook.

4. Log in to your account and play any video from the Video tab.

5. Press Windows + P to open the Project menu.

6. Choose the Duplicate option.

Facebook on Roku-Tap Duplicate

7. Now, your PC will look for a nearby mirroring device. Choose your Roku TV.

8. Play any video, and that will appear on your Roku screen.

How to AirPlay Facebook on Roku using iPhone

It is possible to AirPlay Facebook to Roku TV from Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac.


  • To AirPlay Facebook, go to Roku TV Settings > select AirPlay and HomeKit > AirPlay.
  • Connect your Roku TV and Apple device to the same WiFi.

AirPlay Facebook to Roku from iOS

1. Download and install the Facebook app on your iOS device from the App Store.

2. Launch the app and log in to your Facebook account with the necessary details.

3. Now, go to the Control Center on your iPhone/iPad and select the Screen Mirroring option.

Screen Mirroring

4. Tap on the Roku TV to which you want to establish a connection.

5. With that, launch the Facebook app on your iPhone, and you will find the Facebook app screen on your TV screen.

AirPlay Facebook to Roku from Mac

1. Turn on the Mac and connect it to the WIFI.

2. Go to the menu bar on the Mac and click on the Control Center.

3. Select the Screen Mirroring option to choose your Roku TV.

Tap Screen Mirroring

4. Now, open a browser on your Mac. Visit the official website of Facebook, and log in to your account.

5. Go to your feed or video tab, to watch the videos on your Roku TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to add Facebook on Roku Stick?

You can’t download this social media app on any Roku device as it is not available on the Roku Channel Store. You can only mirror the Facebook app from your smartphone.

2. What streaming devices support Facebook?

For now, you can use Apple TV and Firestick to use Facebook on TV.