How to Install Google Duo on Google TV

google duo on google tv

If you are looking for a video calling app for your Google TV, Google Duo is one of the best choices. You can be together with your friends or family with an internet connection. You can get high-quality video calls for free with the Google Duo app. As you can easily download the Google Duo app on any of your Android TV, you can install and use the Google Duo app on Chromecast with Google TV as well. Since it uses end-to-end encryption, your communication stays private, which not even Duo can track of.

Google Duo is a simple and reliable video chat app that allows video calling better, even in poor lighting. In the Google Duo app, you can add nearly 32 members to the group and can customize your group name. As many video calling apps are unavailable for Google TV, Google Duo makes an exception. However, you need to connect external devices like a camera and microphone to your Google TV to get the full-fledged video calling features.

Google Duo Highlights

The key features of Google Duo are as follows.

  • It supports 1-on-1 calls in addition to group video calling.
  • You can doodle on video calls, use fun masks and effects, etc.
  • With Duo, you can capture special moments.
  • It lets you chat over audio calls.
  • You can share personalized messages, share voice messages, emojis, notes, photos, etc.

What’s New

You will access the features below with the latest version of Google Duo.

  • It supports sharing and joining group calls with links.
  • You can capture photos during the video call.
  • With Family mode, you can access doodles, masks, fun effects, etc.

Important Update: Duo will soon let the users end-to-end encrypted calls for 1-on-1 and group calls. It may let you create or join a cloud-encrypted Google Meet meeting with a link.

How to Install Google Duo on Google TV

Google TV Play Store features Duo, and you can get it installed in a few minutes.

Quick Guide: Select the Search option > enter Google Duo > select the app > click Install > select Open.

[1] Search and navigate to the Search option on your Google TV home screen.

Google Duo on Google TV

[2] You need to enter Duo or Google Duo in the search field, or even you can use Google assistant.

Duo app

[3] From the app list, click on the Google Duo icon.

[4] Select Install to start the downloading process.

[5] After downloading, you need to click on the Open option to launch the app.

Open button

[6] After that, you can see the Google Duo app on the app screen.

How to Use Google Duo on Google TV

[1] With Google TV connected to WIFI, open the Google Duo app from your TV.

[2] Enter your mobile number in the field and click the Send button.

[3] The app will generate a verification code, and it will be sent to your mobile number.

[4] Now, you need to enter the code in the field to verify your phone number.

[5] Once your mobile number is verified, the Google Duo app will be activated.

[5] When the app is activated, you can see your friend’s contact on the screen.

[6] Start using the Google Duo app to make video and audio calls to your friends.

Sometimes, Chromecast with Google TV keeps disconnecting to WiFi, and it should be fixed to further use Duo on Google TV.

How to Sideload Google Duo on Chromecast with Google TV

If you cannot directly install Duo from the Google TV Play Store, you shall sideload the app on Google TV. It involves installing Downloader, enabling unknown apps, and then sideloading the Google Duo apk.

Pre-Requisite: Download and install the Downloader app on Chromecast with Google TV from the Play Store.

[1] From the home screen, select the Settings app.

Google TV Home

[2] Use the remote controller to select System.

[3] Choose About to select the Android TV OS build option.

google duo on google tv

[4] Click on it until you get You are not a developer notification.

google duo on google tv - Android Build

[5] Navigate back to Settings and select Apps.

google duo on google tv-select Apps

[6] Click on the Security & Restrictions.

[7] Highlight Unknown Sources to choose Downloader.

[8] Tap on the slider to turn it on.

select Downloader

[9] Now, open the Downloader app and click on the URL field under the Home tab.

[10] Use the on-screen keys to enter the Google Duo apk URL. Click Go.

[11] Allow the Duo apk download to get completed on your Google TV.

[12] Click on the Install button to proceed.

[13] Select the Open button to launch and use the Google Duo app.

You can easily connect with your friends, family, and loved ones by installing the Google Duo app. The app respects your privacy level, where all your messages will stay private. Only you can see all your information. You shall check out how to use Zoom Meetings on Google TV easily to connect with people of your choice.


Is it free to use Google Duo?

Yes, Google Duo is available for free. You can experience the best quality video calls through Google Duo.

Do you need Wi-Fi for Google Duo?

Google Duo supports both Wi-Fi and cellular data. You can use the app anywhere and ensure a good internet connection.