Google TV Remote App: How to Control Google TV with Smartphones

Google TV Remote App

Remote is not necessary for the older Chromecast devices. But for the latest Chromecast with Google TV, users must require a remote to control the functionalities. Using remotes is becoming old-school nowadays. Almost all smart TVs started coming for their own app for smartphones which can be used as a remote to control the TV functions. Google TV is also planning to go remote-free in the nearest future. They are planning in a way that users could use their own smartphones as a remote with the remote app. Let us see more about the Google TV remote app.

Chromecast with Google TV implies you can cast from your smartphone. Also, it is an Android device at its core which suggests that it could be able to control the device with the Android TV application. There is an official remote app developed by Google to control the Android TV. The remote app is available for both Android or iOS smartphones.

Using Remote App to control Google TV

(1) You can find the official Google remote app for Android phones on Play Store and iPhone on App Store.

 Google's Remote App

(2) Now, launch the Android TV Remote app and tap the Accept and Continue to agree.

Using Google's Remote App to control Google TV

(3) Then, tap the Continue on the next screen to allow the required permissions.

Using Google's Remote App to control Google TV

(4) Select your Chromecast with Google TV from the list.

Choose Chromecast with Google TV

(5) You can find an activation code on the TV screen.

(6) Type the code on your mobile app and then tap Pair.

Pair Google TV with remote app

(7) Once the connection is successful, you can find a remote interface on your mobile screen.

There will be a Play/Pause button, a Home button, a Back button, a D-pad to navigate. You can find all the buttons as you do with your remote. A keyboard will be included to type, and there is also a mic to use the Google Assistant. Moreover, you can use the volume keys on your mobile to control the volume of your Chromecast with Google TV.

 Google's Remote App

Alternatives for Google TV Remote App

Remote Android TV

Remote Android TV

Remote Android TV is compatible with all Android TVs and also has all the necessary key functions. It will have a Direction pad to navigate, a touchpad, volume control, channels control, mic for Google Assistant, power on or off, play or pause button, back and home buttons. So it covers all the necessary buttons on your remote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I control Google TV with my iPhone?

Of course, you can control your Google TV with your iPhone. Android TV Remote is available on the App Store too.

2. Does Android TV apps work with Google TV?

Not all the Android TV remote apps with work with Google TV. Google may bring dedicated apps for controlling Chromecast with Google TV in the near future.