How to Get HBO Max on Panasonic Smart TV

HBO Max on Panasonic Smart TV

HBO Max is the largest streaming service that offers you numerous entertainment videos. It provides you with good quality videos at a lower subscription rate. You can enjoy watching newly released movies, TV shows, originals, series, epic entertainments, etc. Now, it is official that HBO Max is available on Panasonic smart TV.

HBO Max provides the content with a unique and hand-picked collection of entertainment to its users. Even they even focus on the kids to give them the best fantasy experience with attractive collections. With one account, you can create up to five viewer profiles. Thus, each user with a profile will get a personalized streaming experience. You can access the HBO Max app anytime or anywhere, which is available 24/7. If you want to know how to download HBO Max on your Panasonic smart TV, check out this article.

How to Get HBO Max on Panasonic Smart TV

The section covers the different ways in which you can access HBO Max on your Panasonic TV.

Method 1: Install HBO Max on Panasonic TV from Play Store

It becomes quite easy to download HBO Max from the Play Store of your Panasonic TV. Follow the simple steps mentioned here.

[1] Connect your Panasonic TV with a good internet connection.

[2] Select Google Play Store from the Apps section.

[3] Enter HBO Max in the search box.

enter hbo max

[4] Choose the app and select the Install option to download the HBO Max app.

click install

[5] Once the app finishes downloading, you can see the HBO Max icon on your smart TV.

hbo max launched

Method 2: Cast HBO Max to Panasonic Smart TV via Android / iOS

[1] Unlock your Android/iOS smartphone or tablet.

[2] Navigate and search for HBO Max, and install it from the Play Store or App Store.

hbo max on panasonic tv

[3] Under the same Wi-Fi connection, connect your Panasonic TV and Android device.

[4] Open the HBO Max app and sign in with your account.

[5] On the top of the screen, click on the Cast icon.

Select Cast icon - HBO Max on Panasonic TV

[6] The list of available devices will appear. From the list, select your Panasonic Smart TV.

[7] Now, choose your preferred movie or TV show to stream on your TV.

[8] Finally, the movie you choose will play on your Panasonic Smart TV screen.

You can stop casting by just clicking the cast icon once again or simply closing the HBO max app on your Android device.

How to Activate HBO Max

[1] Click the Sign-in option from the HBO Max home screen.

[2] Note down the Activation code that displays on your screen.

[3] From your PC or Smartphone, visit

[4] Enter the noted activation code and click Next to activate the HBO Max account.

HBO Max Not Working on Panasonic TV

At times, HBO Max will not load or open, buffer, or hangs between. If you come across such issues with the HBO Max app on Panasonic TV, you shall need to fix it up to further stream its titles.

  • Check if there is an issue with the internet connection and resolve any. It is recommended to connect to the stable WIFI.
  • Disconnect all other devices using the same WIFI to fix the buffering issues.
  • Check for any latest updates and install the same.
  • It is vital to update your Panasonic TV with the latest firmware.
  • Check if there is any server down or outage issue with the HBO Max and wait until it gets resolved.

By using this method, you can enjoy watching the HBO Max content on your smart tv. Even from the Panasonic smart tv browser, you can browse the HBO Max website. But it takes quiet time for the process because of buffering and slow loading issues. So it is better for you to choose the above-mentioned method, which saves you time. Apart from the Panasonic TV, you shall install HBO Max on Sony Smart TV.


Can we watch HBO Max on Panasonic TV?

Yes. You can download HBO Max directly from the play store. Even you can use the mirroring method for selected TV models.

What is the cost of an HBO Max subscription?

It cost $14 per month and offers a 7-day free trial for new users.

Who gets HBO Max for free?

As of now, an active HBO user can get a free subscription to HBO Max.

Why isn’t HBO Max on Vizio Smart TV?

It may not be available if your Vizio TV isn’t yet compatible with the app.