How to Change Apple TV Screensaver

How to Change Apple TV Screensaver

Apple TV gives you the best experience while watching your favorite movies or TV shows and offers tons of user-friendly features. Apple has added the screen saver feature on Apple TV 4th generation and later. The screensaver appears when the screen stays idle for the set time. You can find aerial screensavers from around the world on your Apple TV by default. If you don’t want to see the same old screensavers, then Apple TV lets you customize the screensaver with the picture of your choice. In other words, you can access the pictures from your gallery as the screensaver. However, if you want to change the Apple TV screensaver and look further for guidance, then this article will guide you with the steps.

How to Change Apple TV Screensaver

Using the below steps, you can easily change or swap the screensaver on your Apple TV.

[1] Turn on your Apple TV.

[2] Choose the Settings option.

[3] Next, select Screensaver >> Type.

How to Change Apple TV Screensaver- Select Type

[4] You will see a list of options like Aerial, Apple Photos, My Photos, Home Sharing, or My Music. Choose any of the options.

  • Apple Photos- You will see Apple’s library photos.
  • Home Sharing- Photos or images saved on your computer.
  • Music Library- You can use your music app’s album artwork as a screen saver.
  • My Photos- Photos from your iCloud Photo Library.

How to Change Screensaver Transition on Apple TV

When the Aerial screensaver is not in use, then you get the option to change the different visual transition styles, including cascading or snapshots.

[1] Navigate to Settings and choose the General option.

[2] Click on the Screensaver option.

[3] Select Transition. From the available option, choose Random or Cascade.

Select Transition - How to Change Apple TV Screensaver

How to Set the Screensaver Timer

[1] Go to Apple TV Settings >> select General.

[2] Select Screensaver followed to that click on Start After.

[3] Here, you can select the start time from Never, two, five, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or 30 minutes.

Choose Timer

Steps to Set How Often to Download New Aerial Screensaver Videos

Using the below steps, the aerial screen saver users can set the time on how frequently the Apple TV can download the new Aerial screen saver videos.

[1] Go to Settings and click on the General option.

[2] Scroll down and select Screensaver followed to that tap onType.

[3] Select Aerial and press the Menu button on the Siri remote to back out.

[4] Then, select Download New Videos.

select Download New Videos.

[5] Here, you can choose how often the Apple TV can download the new screen saver video from Never, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

How to Change Apple TV Screensaver

According to the time you prefer, the Apple TV will download the new video. It is also important to keep in mind that the Aerial videos are about 600 MB each.

How to Use All Pictures from Photos App as a Screensaver using Home Sharing

When you have the home-sharing setup, then you can easily share all pictures to your Apple TV from the Photos app, which even includes album art and audiobook cover. To do so, you need to set it up first.

[1] Turn on your computer and go to iTunes.

[2] Choose File and select Home Sharing.

[3] Select Choose Photos to Share with Apple TV and select the Share Photos option.

[4] Now, select the Photos Apps and click on All Photos and Albums. If you have saved the pictures in a specific folder, then you can select the Folder option instead of the Photos app.

After setting it up, use the below instructions to set the screensaver.

[1] Open the Settings and click on the General option.

[2] Select Screensaver and then click on Type.

[3] Then, click on the Screensaver.

[4] Select Type and tap on Home Sharing.

Select Home Sharing - How to Change Apple TV Screensaver

[5] Select the Photos option and choose either an album or Photos.

[6] Finally, select Set as Screensaver. Now, the entire picture in the Apple Photos library will be set as your Apple TV screen saver.

How to Use All Pictures from Photos App as a Screensaver: Home Sharing (macOS Catalina and tvOS13)

In macOS Catalina:

[1] On your Mac, enable the Home Sharing option.

[2] Check the box near the Share photos with Apple TV option.

[3] Click Choose and click the Drop-down and choose from where you need to share the image. i.e., from the Photos app or folder.

[4] You will get to see the options like All Photos and albums, Selected Albums, Include Videos, People. Check the box according to your preference and click Ok when you’re done.

On tvOS13:

[1] Open Settings and select the General option.

[2] Click on the Screensaver and select Type.

[3] Select Home Sharing, following to that, click on Photos.

[4] Select the album that you want to use and finally click Yes.

Apple TV users can thus customize the way they see the screensaver with the above guidelines. With this, you never have to look at the same old boring screensavers when your device is idle. Like Apple TV, you can change screensavers on Firestick.


How do I change my Apple TV aerial Screen Saver?

Just go to SettingsĀ  >> Select General >> Screensaver >> Type >> select photos from Aerial, Apple Photos, My Photos, Home Sharing, or My Music.

How often do Apple TV screensavers update?

The Apple TV screen saver can be changed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.