How to Change Email on PlayStation Account

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Email acts as the primary mode of communication between the PlayStation and players. The user has to use a unique email ID to sign in to their PlayStation Network (PSN) account. In any case, the same email will be used to verify your account, get updates about the account, and ensure your details are protected. You have to change the mail ID when the current email is not in use or if you have switched to a new mail address. In this case, the PS players have to know how to change their email ID on the PlayStation account. It will help the players to update their private information. The below-mentioned steps are applicable for both the versions of PS4 and PS5.

How to Change Email for PlayStation Account [Console]

1. Firstly, turn on your PS gaming console.

2. Click Settings from the home screen.

3. Click on the Account Information on PS 4 and select Sign-In ID.

  • In the case of PS 5, users should select User and Account.
How to Change Email on Play Station Account- Account Information

4. Then, enter the Password of your PSN account.

5. You can also change other personal information through Account Management >> Account Information.

6. Enter your new email ID once you are logged in to your account.

7. After entering, select confirm.

8. Once you confirm your email address, PlayStation will send a new link to your newly created mail id.

9. Click on the given link to verify your account.

10. After your new email address has been confirmed, both of your accounts (old & new) will receive an email stating that your account has a new email address required to log in.

How to Change Email on PlayStation Network Account [Web Browser]

1. Firstly, login into your PS account by visiting the PlayStation Website.

2. Tap on the Profile picture displayed on the top right corner of your screen and select Account Settings.

Select Account Settings to Change Email on PlayStation Account

3. Click on Security.

4. Select Edit, which is visible next to Sign-in ID, and change your mail address.

Edit mail id  to Change Email on PlayStation Account

5. For security concerns, you may have to re-enter your email ID again and click on Save.

6. Once you confirm your account, PlayStation will send a verification link to your newly created email address.

7. Tap on that link to verify your account.

How to Change PS Email from Smartphone

Sony launched the PlayStation app for Android and iOS Smartphones/Tablets. With this app, you can access the app wherever you are, and it also allows you to access your private information. Changing your PlayStation email address through smartphones is very easy, and it consumes only lesser time compared with other activities.

1. Initially, make sure that you have installed the PlayStation app on your Android and iOS smartphone.

2. After installing it, click on the Account icon. It is present in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. Then, go to Privacy Settings by clicking on the three vertical dots on the top right corner of your screen.

4. Enter the required details and click on Continue to take the process to the next step.

5. After that, go to the Securities option and click on the Edit button.

6. Finally, enter the new email ID and password. Sony will send you a confirmation mail to the newly created mail ID and confirm it.

How to Change Mail on PS TV and PS Vita

Play Station Vita

1. Go to the Settings >> PlayStation Network and type your password.

2. Edit your mail address on the Account Information page and click Confirm.

3. Verify the new Sign-in id by clicking on the link sent to your mail ID.

4. Finally, you will receive an email notifying you that you have newly signed into the PSN account.

How to Recover PlayStation Account with Mail ID

If you are still using your PlayStation account, then recovering your account will be quite simple.

1. Firstly, visit the login page of the PlayStation page.

2. After that, click the Trouble Signing In Button.

Trouble Signing in to Change Email on PlayStation Account

3. Then, choose Reset your Password and enter the mail id that you used to register into your PSN account.

Recover Play Station Account with Mail ID- Reset your Password

4. Finally, go to your email id. Follow the instructions sent by Sony to reset your PSN account’s password.

After finishing, go back to your console and try to access your PSN account.

How to Recover PlayStation Account without Mail ID

If you no longer access the mail id of your PSN account, then you can’t reset your password with your mail ID. And it is not as easy as mentioned in the above steps. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot recover your account. If you cannot recover your account, then you have to create a PSN account. This process also includes some steps.

1. Firstly, go to the official Website of PlayStation.

2. Click on the Support tab.

3. Then, click on Account and Security.

Support Tab

4. After that, click on Reset Password.

Reset password  to Change Email on PlayStation Account

5. Finally, you will be redirected to the chat box. Follow the prompts to continue the process and discuss your problem.

How to Recover your PSN ID

1. Firstly, open the Settings on your PlayStation.

2. Click on the Account Management tab.

Recover PSN ID to Change Email on PlayStation Account

3. Finally, select View your PlayStation ID.

Troubleshoot New Mail ID Issues

After verifying your new mail id, sometimes the PlayStation players will face this issue. i.e., you cannot connect your console with your new PlayStation mail ID. It may happen because of improper connectivity, or maybe the server is under maintenance. You can check your internet connection on PlayStation Status Page.

Using the right email on PlayStation is vital if you want to stay up-to-date with all the important account information. If you cant access your new mail id, then contact PlayStation Support.


1. Does changing the mail id on PS4 affect anything?

No. It won’t affect anything. Only your privacy information will be updated.

2. Why is my PlayStation not signing in to my PlayStation Network?

If your ISP is having some trouble with your PlayStation DNS, then the address may not resolve, and you will have trouble accessing the PS Network Server.

3. Can we have 2 mail IDs on the same account?

No. You must use a different mail ID for each account.