How to Change Payment Method on Netflix

how to change payment method on Netflix

Are you holding a new credit or debit card and wondering how you can change the payment method for your Netflix subscription? Then, here is the answer you are looking for. Netflix is an OTT-based, paid streaming service that took the world of entertainment seekers in storms in the short run. Although there is no Netflix free trial, you will never regret subscribing to the service as it offers you new movies, web series, shows, and many other new releases every month. If you intend to change the payment method on Netflix, you can do it effortlessly. Let us see how to change payment methods on Netflix in simple steps here.

How to Update Payment Method on Netflix

To change the payment methods on Netflix, follow the below methods.

1). On your web browser, visit the Netflix website at

2) Sign in to your account by entering your login credentials.

3) Click on your Profile icon from the upper-right corner.

4) From the drop-down list, select Account.

Netflix account menu

5) From the Membership and Billing Section, choose Manage Payment info.

Netflix manage payment info

6) If you want to make changes to your existing credit card,

Edit Netflix payment method
  • Select Edit at the right of the card information to edit the information on the existing card
  • Enter the details you want to update in the appropriate fields and then click Save.
Update your information

7) If you want to add a new card,

  • Select the preferred payment mode. The available payment methods include,
    • Credit or Debit card
    • PayPal
    • Redeem a gift code
    • Special offer code
How to change payment method in Netflix
  • Select any one of the preferred payment modes and enter the requested information.
  • If you select PayPal as a mode of payment, then you will be directed to the PayPal log-in page. Provide the details related to your PayPal account there.

8) On returning to the Manage Payment Info page, choose to Make Preferred.

9) If you want to add another card to make payment,

  • You can use the Add backup payment method option to add another card for Netflix. You can use this extra card to make payments when there is a problem with the preferred payment option.
  • Select Add Payment Method, follow the prompts and finally click Save.

10) To remove the old billing card from the account, click Remove next to it.

FYI: If you come across Netflix Error Code UI-800-3, it means there is some issue with network connection.

How to Change Automatic Payment on Netflix

To change the Automatic Payment option on Netflix, follow the below steps.

1). Visit the Netflix account page at

2) Sign in with your login credentials.

3) Select Change Billing day to choose a different day for automatic payment.

4) To view your payment history and information regarding your membership plan, choose Billing Details.

5) Choose the Change Plan option under Plan details to change your Netflix plan.

Restrictions to Change Payment Method

It is to note that there is no way to change your payment method on Netflix if you have billed through third-party service. However, you can add a new payment method to remove the existing one.

It is to note that you can’t modify your billing date when using the free period, on the current billing date, or when your account is on hold. You can access the billing day option only if you pay through debit or credit cards or PayPal.

What to Do If the Payment Method was Declined

Occasionally, the payment mode you have chosen may get declined. Various reasons lead to the declination of payment method, which includes,

1). Make sure your Payment details, including Expiry Date, security code, and postal code, are entered correctly. If your details are wrong, log in to your account again to make the changes. Retry with the payment method once after the correct information.

2) Verify whether your UPI account has enough funds to make the payments.

3) If you still face problems, ensure that your payment method supports e-commerce transactions.

That was all about how to change your payment methods on Netflix. So you can edit, update or add new payment methods on Netflix effortlessly without taking much of your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix automatically charge me for subscription every month?

If you have enabled the AutoPay feature, Netflix automatically deducts the amount from your UPI account every month. You will no longer need to subscribe to Netflix manually every month.

What is the reason for the declination of the payment method?

Your payment method gets declined when you have an insufficient funds in your UPI account. Check whether your account has enough funds to complete the purchase. If your card has specific restrictions, it may lead to the declination of transactions.

What happens if I miss making payments on Netflix?

Your account will get deactivated when you miss your payment of subscription for Netflix. You will no longer has an access to Netflix content until you make your payment.