How to Change Time on Firestick in 2 Minutes

How to Change Time on Amazon Firestick- Featured Image

In this era, there is a great demand for streaming devices, and Firestick by Amazon is popular among them. By default, Fire TV uses the date and time of your default time zone. i.e., since the device works with internet connectivity, it automatically adjusts the time. However, you might find Firestick using the wrong time zone at times, and so the time will be different on your device. As a result, Fire TV will not get the update, or you cannot record the live TV. So, the user may miss out on accessing the latest features. Moreover, when the device is not quite accurate on timings, we must know how to change the time on Firestick. If people continue to use it without changing the time, there is a greater chance of missing the entertainment schedule. All the below-mentioned methods are applicable for Firestick 4K too.

How to Change Time on Firestick using Remote

1. Turn on the Firestick and press the Home button on the remote to access the Firestick Home Page.

2. Use the directional keys of the remote to select Settings.

How to Change time on Firestick- Settings Option

3. Search for Preference and select the tile.

Preference Option

4. Select the Time Zone.

Time Zone

5. Click the time zone again and select your Country.

6. Finally, select your country’s Region or the Time Zone and finish the process.

How to Change the Time on Firestick using Mobile App

You might wonder how to change the Fire TV time when the Firestick remote is not working suddenly, or it runs out of battery in the middle. In any such situations, don’t get frustrated. There is a way to solve this problem. We can access Firestick using the Amazon Fire TV app. It is available both for Android and iOS devices. First of all, make sure that there is a proper internet connection established between the devices.

1. Locate Settings in the Firestick app.

2. Click on Device Option.

3. Search for Date & Time.

4. Once you have finished setting the proper time, disable the Automatic Time Zone.

How to Fix Firestick Showing Wrong Time

One would try either of the ways to change the time and settings in the Firestick. But still, all these efforts will have no results at times. It may be due to the software and network glitches that we are facing in our daily life. There are some ways to fix this problem.

Restart Firestick

Restarting is one of the most followed ways to clear the technical problem at the initial stage. Restarting Firestick will resolve some software glitches. In addition, it addresses our Wi-Fi signals and updates the settings. Therefore it shows the right date & time on our device.

Lack of Power

In Amazon Firestick, timing issues can occur because of low power problems. This issue can happen if you are linking Firestick with the USB port. So, ensure your Fire TV is getting enough power.

Network Connection

There is a possibility of time linking with an internet connection. It can also make your internet slower. To overcome this, restart your WIFI modem, and your network signals will be optimized. Through this, you can fix the wrong time on your Firestick.

Factory Reset

If all the above methods did not work in resetting the time on Firestick, it is good to perform a factory reset. By doing a factory reset on Firestick, all the settings and customization get deleted from your Firestick. It will also solve the time issues.

Use a VPN on Amazon Firestick

It is always advised to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on Firestick. With this, you can access the contents that are unavailable in your country. The best VPN on Firestick will hide your online activities, location, and identities. ExpressVPN is the most popular VPN used and preferred by Firestick users. So, it is recommended to install a VPN for an uninterrupted streaming experience.

1. On your Firestick home screen, click on Find.

2. In the Search Bar, search for ExpressVPN. Click it from the search results.

3. Then, click on the ExpressVPN icon and select the Download or Get button.

4. Install and open the VPN and log in with your username and password.

5. Finally, you can access the VPN on Firestick.

That’s all about how to change the time on Firestick. If you find some other issues, you can directly contact Amazon Fire TV Support. You can also follow the troubleshooting ideas mentioned above to resolve Firestick showing the wrong time and date.


Why am I not able to update the time on Firestick?

This situation occurs due to Software Glitches. Reset your device and check for a proper internet connection. For more information, contact Amazon Support.

Why is my Firestick showing the wrong date and time?

It may be due to a bug or a wrong selection of time zone. Check for the Regional Settings. Update the proper date & time and select your country’s time zone.