How to Change your Age on PS4

How to Change your Age on PS4

PlayStation or PS is one of the popular video game consoles designed by Sony with the versions of PS5, PS4, PS3, and more. The games available on PS4 are too good, and it almost suits people of all ages. But some of the games are age-restricted due to some reasons. It’s hard to find which games will be suitable for children, so it is important to input the age on PlayStation 4. Sometimes while creating PS4 accounts, users will enter their date of birth wrongly. In that case, it is a little challenging to change their age because Sony doesn’t permit the users often change or edit their age in PS4 accounts. But fortunately, there are some possible ways to change the age of the PlayStation 4, and it is super easy, like changing the PlayStation Network name.

Important Reminder: Remember, you will get only one chance to change your age on PlayStation Network. So, don’t make a mistake.

Why Change the Age on PlayStation 4

The age limit for creating a PlayStation account is 18. The possible reasons for changing the age on PS4 include a mistake made in the age column while creating an account on PS4 or to take advantage or limit kids from accessing the age-restricted games and content.

How to Check Your Age on PlayStation 4

If you want to verify your age on PlayStation 4, you can do that at any time with the steps given below.

1. To verify your age on PlayStation, navigate to the Account Settings option.

2. Scroll down until you see the Manage Account and tap on it. It appears red in color.

3. Then, hit the Edit Name & Address from the available option.

4. Finally, you will see your date of birth on the screen that is linked with your PlayStation Network account.

How to Change your Age on PS4 Via Sony Account

You can connect your PSN account with the Sony account to change the age on the PlayStation Network name.

Quick Guide: Go to the Sony account page >> Sign in >> Select a Date of Birth >> check in the privacy box > select Save.

1. First, launch any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and more.

2. Now, navigate to and click the Enter button to proceed.

3. Then, enter your email and password and tap on the Sign in option.

  • Before doing this process, ensure that you have used the same email which is linked with your PlayStation Network account.
Sign in mail to change age on PS4

4. Once you are done with the sign-in process, you shall choose a new date of birth from the drop-down menu.

5. Next, select your date of birth that will display your right age.

6. Finally, read and verify the terms, and click on the privacy policy box to proceed by tapping on the Save option.

How to Upgrade Kid’s Account on PS4

When the user turns 18, then you will receive a notification to upgrade the PlayStation account because now the user has become an adult. You can play all types of games without restrictions.

1. First, navigate to Settings.

2. Scroll down to the Account Management option.

3. Under Account Management, hit the Account Information option.

4. Now, click on Upgrade your Account.

5. Finally, verify all the information and choose the Continue button to proceed. Now, you will see the updated PS account.

So with the above steps, you can easily change the age on PS4. The steps for changing the age are simple and easy. Remember that you often can’t change the age on PS4, so while changing the age, be careful to enter the right age. With this, the updated age will be reflected on your PlayStation Network and Sony account. Meanwhile, you shall even learn to change the PlayStation name for free for the first time.


1. How do I change the age restriction on a sub-account on PS4?

on your PS4 console, navigate to the Settings >> Parental Controls >>Family Management. Now you have to re-enter your account password. Then, choose the child account you want to set restrictions.

2. How can you change your age on PS4?

The above steps are all you need to follow to change the age on PS4.

3. How to change the age on PS4 minor account?

It is better to upgrade the minor account with the above steps to let them access all the games without any age limitations.