How to Charge an Apple TV Remote [All Types]

How to Charge Apple TV Remote

Like all other remotes, the Apple TV remote also has the tendency to run out of battery when used the most. If you are using a 4th Gen Apple TV or above, you can charge your Siri remote with a lighting cable. If you are using an older version of Apple TV, then you can change the battery with a new one. Usually, a fully charged Apple TV remote will function for a few months. So recharging your Siri remote is not a daily event.

The older versions of the Apple TV remote came with a swappable CR2032 button-cell battery. So if you are upgrading from an older device, then charging the Apple TV remote must be a new thing for you. You will receive notifications on your Apple TV once your Siri remote dips to 20% in battery. This is when you need to charge your Apple TV remote.

How to Charge Apple TV Siri Remote

To charge the AppleTV Siri remote, you need a Thunderbolt cable. Otherwise, you can also use the lightning cable of your iPhone.

Siri remotes

1. Connect the one end of the cable to the bottom port of the Siri remote.

2. The other end of the cable to the power adapter which should be connected to the power outlet.

3. Now the Siri remote starts charging and turns on the charging light on the top.

4. Wait for 3 hours to fully charge your Siri remote.

How to Charge Old Apple TV Remote

If you are using the old AppleTV remote then you can’t charge the remote. The only way is to replace the new batteries on your remote.

Old Apple TV remote

1. Find the battery section of the remote which is located on the backside or at the bottom.

2. Make use of a coin to open the battery gate by rotating it in a counterclockwise direction.

3. Remove the battery and replace the new CR2032 or BR2032 lithium 3V coin battery into the socket.

CR2032 lithium cell

Note: Ensure that the positive side of the battery faces outside while inserting the battery.

How to Check if Your Apple Remote is Charging

When you charge the Apple TV remote, there is no indicator light to check if it is charging or not. The remote lacks a physical indicator to indicate charging. Instead, you will receive a notification on your Apple TV once your remote is connected to a power source.

Apple TV Remote charging

Note: The Apple TV remote should be connected to the device to check whether it is charging or not. If you are facing an Apple TV remote connection loss issue, then you have to pair your remote and Apple TV first.

Moreover, you can manually check the battery status in the Apple TV Settings menu. With the Settings menu, you can also check the AppleTV remote charge level.

1. Open the Settings app on your Apple TV’s home screen.

Apple TV Settings app

2. Go to Remote and Devices.

Remotes and Devices option

3. Click on the Remote option. If the remote is charging, you will see a lightning bolt icon. If not, it will show your battery level.

Apple TV remote Status

4. This will display the Apple TV remote’s battery level.

Apple TV Remote Battery level

By using this method, you can charge all types of Apple TV remotes like Apple TV Remote Silver, Apple TV Siri Remote 1st Gen, and 2nd Gen. All the Apple TV remotes will have a lightning port at the bottom of the remote.

Note: Sometimes, your Apple TV remote may not work due to charging issues or some other reasons. At that time, you can check out the troubleshooting ideas to resolve the problem

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often do I charge my Apple TV remote?

It usually a few months for your Siri remote to go low on the battery once fully charged. You will be notified when the battery dips to 20%.

2. How long does it take for the Apple TV Remote to Charge?

The charging process itself only takes a couple of hours at the most. This will depend on the quality of the cable you are using to charge your remote.