How to Gameshare on Xbox One [All Models]

Gamesharing is one of Microsoft’s amazing features that contributed to the digital gaming world in Xbox gaming consoles. With this feature, you and your trusted friend to access your library of downloadable games. In addition, you will be able to share your Xbox Gold membership benefits, including the Game Pass. It is possible to redeem codes on Xbox to make digital purchases. You can also access the games on your friend’s Xbox account. Undoubtedly, Gamesharing is a handy feature that works on Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. To take advantage of this feature, you and your friend should own an Xbox One system individually and both your Xbox Live account login details. You can access many games if you know how to Gameshare on Xbox One.

Important Note: It is recommended to use the Gameshare feature only with the person or friend you trust. Since it involves sharing emails linked to your Xbox One account and the associated password, there is a chance for untrustworthy members to access the account and make purchases.

Things to Note Before Gamesharing on Xbox One

1. Gamesharing works only for two users, and if you want to add a new user, you should stop the gamesharing with the current partner.

2. It is important to identify your Xbox One as Home Xbox failing to which will not let you and your gamesharing partner to not access your digital gaming library when you lose the internet connection.

3. Choose the most frequently used console as your home Xbox when using multiple consoles. Because you can only have one home Xbox at a time.

4. On upgrading Xbox One to Xbox Series X|S, ensure to set the new console as your home Xbox. While adding a new account to the console, click on the “Lock it down” option to identify your console as your home Xbox.

5. Currently, Microsoft limits changing the home Xbox to five times a year without any charges.

6. On resetting and removing accounts, remember to assign the new account as the home Xbox.

7. You can download, play or share games on your second or friend’s console. There is no need to switch to a home Xbox. Everyone who signed in to the console network can enjoy playing the game online.

How Does Xbox One Gameshare Work

The console retrieves the license from the Xbox network and ties it to your home Xbox when you launch the digital game on your home Xbox online. Once you get the license, you get access to your digital games both online and offline mode.

To use gameshare on Xbox, you shall provide your sign-in information to your friends and families. Once they sign in to your home Xbox with their Xbox profile, they get access to your library even when you are not signed in.

FYI: Xbox uses email for communication purposes, and you shall update or change the Xbox Email address on your Xbox Account.

What Does Gamesharing Involves

You can share the following with your friends when they sign in to your home Xbox

  1. Xbox Live Gold subscription Games
  2. Downloadable content from Microsoft Store
  3. Games from an Xbox Game Pass
  4. Games from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription

It is to note that the account-specific and game-specific data can’t be shared on Xbox, including Minecraft Skin Mashups, Halo REQ Packs purchased with in-game currencies, and in-game currency like Minecraft Coins, Pre-order bonuses, and Once redeemable Special edition contents.

How to Setup Gameshare on Xbox One

Here let’s see how you can share your Xbox games with a friend and use a friend’s Xbox games.

Important Note: If you prefer to share the Xbox gaming library using the Gameshare option, then the below steps should be repeated twice. i.e., for the first time, the process will connect you to your friend’s Xbox One account, while the second time involves connecting your friend to your Xbox One account.

1). Power on your Xbox one console and Sign in to your Xbox Live Account.

Sign in Xbox account

2) Press the Xbox button and select Add new on the far left side of the menu, and Press “A” on your controller.

3) Type in your friend’s Xbox live account’s email address and password and press the button “A” on your controller.

4) Read the Privacy policy statement and click Next, and press the “A” Button.

5)Now, the screen will guide you to set preferences for your friend’s account

6) Press the X button again and go to the far left side of the menu. Now, select the account that you have added by the above step and press “A” on your controller.

7) Select Sign in and Press “A” on your controller to complete sign-in.

8) After signing in, Press the Xbox button. Select Settings from the far right side of the menu and press “A” on your controller.

General setting

9) Then, select General > Personalization > My home Xbox and press “A” on your controller.

Personalization setting

10) Now, click on Make this my home Xbox and press “A” on your controller.

My home Xbox menu

11) To make sharing on both ways, so that you and your friend can share games with each other, then make them repeat the same procedure to make your Xbox their home.

Tip: It is important to update Xbox One Controller whenever a new version is released or if you want to improve the device’s performance.

Limitations of Gameshare on Xbox One

The number of Switches in your home Xbox can be limited only up to 5 times in any one year.

Switches in Xbox

If the limit for the year is reached, the next available date to switch home Xbox is shown, and Customer support can’t offer the additional switches.

Thus, you can enjoy your gaming experience by taking it to the next level of excitement & adventure along with your friends with gameshare on Xbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we Gameshare among 3 persons at a time?

No, you can’t share among 3 persons. Gameshare on Xbox One is limited to two people at a time

Can I Game Share all Games on Xbox One?

No. If you want to share a game with a physical copy, you cannot gameshare it on Xbox One. Only digital games are allowed for Gamesharing.

What to do if Gameshare isn’t working?

Ensure that the account you have the games on is set up correctly. And again, sign out or switch profiles, then sign in with the account that does not own the games. Make sure that you are signed in with two different profiles.