How to Get Discord on PlayStation

Discord on PlayStation
Discord on PlayStation

Sony Playstation had been a great platform contributing a lot to the gamers. Recently, Sony announced a partnership with Discord. Since then, the craze among PlayStation users has been sky-high. Everyone is trying to get the Discord app on PlayStation. And it’s been more than a year and there are no updates from Sony. If you want to use the Discord app on your PlayStation, there are some workaround that you can try.

Before that, you need to have a valid PlayStation Network account. This would help you to connect with your friends & fellow gamers and communicate comfortably while playing.

Is Discord Available For PlayStation

Unfortunately, the Discord application is not available on the PS Store for both PS4 and PS3. There are some possible ways to get the Discord chats on the PlayStation.

How to Read Discord Chat on PlayStation

The Discord offers a read-only mode on the PS4 and PS5 consoles. But there aren’t any possible ways to send text or voice messages. Instead, we can check the messages on the console.

1. Turn on the PlayStation Console and click on the PlayStation Party option.

PlayStation Party option on PS4

2. Now, open any chat window and send the message as “”

3. After sending the message, click the message (

4. By doing this, you will be directed to the Discord webpage. Click the Open Discord in your browser and sign in with your Discord account.

Discord website on Browser

Note: You can also go to the Discord webpage using the web browser on PS4.

5. Now, you can read the Discord messages on your PS4 or PS5 console.

6. Apart from reading messages, you can’t reply to them or can’t send new messages.

How to Get Discord Voice Chat on PS

There are two possible methods to get Discord Voice Chat on PlayStation. But these are tedious, so it is better to wait for Discord to release an exclusive app for the PS console. Here is how to link Discord and PlayStation for voice chat with fellow gamers while playing.

1. One option is to purchase an Astro Mix Amo Pro TR. It helps you to join the voice channel along with the game’s audio. For this, we might require compatible headphones with USB and connecting it with the PC. Now, to enable the voice chat option, make a cross-platform connection between the PlayStation and PC. By doing this, you will be able to connect with fellow users while playing on the PlayStation console.

Astro Mix Amo Pro TR

2. The alternate workaround would not require much money into it. We have to use the PS Remote Play and access the games using Android or iOS devices. In this process, you have to install the PS Remote Play app from the Play Store or App Store and sign in using the same credential that you have used on your PS4 or PS5. With this, your PS console and smartphone will be paired. Connect a headset to the phone and join any Discord channel. Now, you will have the option to hear the audio from the Discord Channel and the console. To reduce the latency, it is better to reduce the streaming quality.

How to Connect Discord on PSN (PlayStation Network)

In case you wish to connect the PlayStation account to Discord and highlight your game status for others to see in the chat app. Here is how to do it.

1. Launch the Discord application, and click on the Settings option.

Settings option on Discord

2. On the left sidebar, click on the Connections option to check on the available Discord Integrations.

Connection option in Discord

3. Click on the PSN button under the Connections to link your PSN account with Discord.

Playstation Network under Connect your Account

4. Now, log in using the PlayStation account credentials for verification.

5. By doing this, you will be able to see the PlayStation game status on Discord.

PlayStation Status on Discord

6. If the PS status is not showing on your Discord profile, go to Sony PlayStation Account.

7. Go to Privacy Settings.

8. Choose the Personal Info | Messaging option and click the Edit button next to Online Status and Now Playing.

Click the Edit button

9. Set the status as Anyone and click the Save button.

Privacy Settings on PlayStation

10. Now, your PS gaming status will appear to everyone.


1. Can you use Discord on PS4?

There are workarounds to use Discord on PS4. But, the official app is not yet available.

2. Can you talk on Discord on PS5?

To get the Discord voice chat support on PS5, you can use the Astro Mix Amo Pro TR device or the PS Remote Play app.