How to Hide Channels on Roku for Parental Control

How to Hide Channels on Roku for Parental Control

You can hide channels on Roku as that might help you prevent your child from accessing certain channels. To better deal with this, a Kids and Family section is available on Roku, which is one of the essential features for parents. It is not always possible to monitor online activities, including what children stream. Without parents’ regulation, kids might get access to a lot of content that isn’t made for children. Hiding the channels on Roku will help parents restrict their children from accessing unwanted content. Here let’s see how to hide Channels on Roku for Parental Control.

What is the Kid’s and Family Section on Roku

The Kids and Family Section helps to hide channels from children. It is a section with all the child-friendly content. Also, the ads shown in this section contain only child-friendly content. Roku has an exclusive editorial team on board to accomplish this filter. To ensure more safety, adding new channels to the list is possible only with a 4 digit password.

How to Create PIN on Roku

Let us understand how to set a 4-digit pin on Roku to hide Channels on Roku.

1: Firstly, log in to your Roku account from a phone or laptop.

2: In PIN preference, choose Update. Here select the options that require a PIN for adding channels to the Roku Channel Store.

Update PIN

3: Finally, enter the 4 Digit pin to select Verify and then click on the Save Changes button.

How to Hide Channels on Roku

How to Remove Channels on Roku

Now, let us see how to remove unwanted channels on Roku from the Roku channel menu.

1: Initially, choose My Channels from the home screen using the Roku remote. Move to the channel you want to remove.

2: Click on the ‘*’ key on the remote that represents the Options button. Click on Remove channel and press OK. Click OK again on being prompted.

3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all other channels.

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Remove Channels from Channel Store:

1: Press the Home key on the Roku remote and select Streaming Channels.

2: Highlight the channel you want to remove and press OK.

3: Now, select Remove Channel.

4: Press Ok to confirm your action.

How to Hide Roku Channels

1: To hide channels, select Homescreen on the device settings menu.

2: Select Hide for Movie Store and TV Store.

How to Hide Channels on Roku

3: Finally, after ensuring proper parental controls, you can have children access Roku. This ensures a safe watch for children with strong filters.

How to Hide Antenna Channels on Roku TV

1: On your Roku TV home, select Home.

2: Choose Settings and then Home Screen on the drop-down.

3: Highlight Arrow on the drop-down menu.

4: Choose Movie Store and TV Store and select Hide.

It is to note that unblocking the hidden channel on Roku at any time later requires the Roku PIN. Also, the hidden channel on Roku devices if the TV provider is connected to more than one TV.

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Parental Controls for the Roku Channel

It is mandatory to enter the PIN when someone wants to stream any shows with certain ratings on The Roku Channel. The rating levels include Off, Little Kids, Young Kids, and Teens. If the rating is enabled, you will see a green tick, and when disabled, a red cross appears.

Note: It applies only to the videos available on the Roku Channel and not to any other streaming services.

If you want to restrict access based on the TV/movie ratings, you shall use the below steps.

1: On your Roku TV remote, press the Home button.

2: Scroll to select the Settings and choose Parental Controls.

3: Highlight Enable Parental Controls option and turn it On.

4: Now, you can set the rating limits or block unrated programs.

Now that you can hide apps on Roku TV to prevent kids and teens from accessing irrelevant content. While the above steps work on The Roku Channel, the user needs to additionally enable the Parental Controls on apps like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube TV, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hide a channel on Roku?

Yes, you can hide channels on Roku and it enhances strict parental controls. To hide channels, select ‘Homescreen’ on the device settings menu. Select Hide for Movie/ TV Store.

Can you set up parental controls on Roku?

Parental Control settings are available on Roku. This enables users to hide channels that have unnecessary content from children. However, the channels can be added back with a safe PIN.

Can you lock a channel on Roku?

No. Roku doesn’t let users lock the existing channel using the PIN. However, you can hide those channels if needed.

Can you hide private channels on Roku?

Yes. You can hide the private channels on Roku TV.

How to block channels on Roku?

You can block channels on Roku by setting up playback restrictions or parental controls. In addition, you can even configure the Roku TV to watch the programs on over-the-air broadcast TV.