How to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch Consoles [Easy Guide]

How to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch
How to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch

If you are a Nintendo Switch user, you will come across many limitations. Though the console has internet connectivity, you can’t access some specified URLs. i.e., Switch restricts users modify the device settings and accessing the older game titles. To overcome these limitations, you can jailbreak your Nintendo Switch consoles. When you successfully jailbreak your Nintendo Switch console, you can use it without any restrictions. Whether you want to customize the software to add features or run additional games or prefer using the older titles on the switch, you can jailbreak or mod your device. It is to note that not all the Nintendo Switch supports jailbreaking and involves risks.

What is Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking refers to a process that will remove all the software restrictions imposed by the developers. A lot of smart device brands won’t support jailbreaking, as it is considered to be an illegal process. That being said, you are the owner of your device. You can do anything and everything on the device until it is not disturbing the other people. If you are frustrated with the restrictions, you can jailbreak the device to unlock new possibilities and install unsupported apps.

Pros and Cons of Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is a user-decided process. You can jailbreak the device, but it has its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • You can remove all the software limitations and restrictions.
  • You can change all the settings and customize them to your preferences.
  • By jailbreaking, you can install apps and games that are supported before.
  • You can use the device to its full potential.


  • Jailbreaking is not a guaranteed process. It may or may not work, this depends on your past usage and the current working conditions.
  • The jailbroken device can’t be replaced by warranty claims. Once it is jailbroken, you will be on your own to repair the device.
  • If a jailbreaking process is stopped midway, you can’t get any assistance from anyone.
  • Jailbreaking the Nintendo Switch consoles is against the Nintendo’s Terms & Conditions and is considered illegal.

How to Jailbreak Nintendo Switch Consoles

Homebrew launcher is the best tool to crack your Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the tool will work on Nintendo Switch 3.0 software. If you are using a lower version, upgrade it to 3.0. If you are using later versions of 3.0, you can’t jailbreak the device. You can’t downgrade a software version in Nintendo Switch.

1. As a first step, download the file from GitHub’s Switchbrew website. (Use PCs)

Jailbreak Nintendo Switch

2. Extract the zip file on your PC and copy-paste the hubmenu.nro file to a micro SD card.

3. Now, insert the micro SD card into the Nintendo Switch console.

4. Navigate to the Connection Settings on your console and choose DNS Server.

5. When the pop-up comes, enter the manual IP It will run a connection test.

6. After that, click the Install button.

7. If it is successfully installed, restart your Nintendo Switch console.

8. Repeat steps 4 & 5. If you get 2000-1337 on your console, the jailbreaking is completed successfully. If not, try again from step 1.

9. Now, you can install any apps and games on Nintendo Switch consoles without any limitations.

10. You can download the apps from the Switchbrew website.

Jailbreak Nintendo Switch

Download the apk file from the website on your PC and move it to the SD card. Insert the SD card into your console and install the downloaded apk file.

With these ten simple steps, you can jailbreak your Nintendo Switch console and install any apps. If the process is not successful, delete all the jailbreak-related files and use the console in a normal way.

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What Nintendo Switch Models Support Mod?

You cannot mod all the Nintendo Switch. To find which one supports modding, you should know the serial number of the device. To find it out, you shall look at the sticker under the Switch. Optionally, you shall navigate to System >> Serial Number.

Serial NumberConsolesStatus
XAW1 XAW10000000000 to XAW10074000000Unpatched & Moddable
XAW10074000000 to XAW10120000000 Patched
XAW10120000000 and upPatched & Unmoddable
XAW4XAW70000000000 to XAW70017800000 Unpatched & Moddable
XAW70017800000 to XAW70030000000Patched
XAW70030000000 and upPatched & Unmoddable
XAJ1XAJ10000000000 to XAJ10020000000 Unpatched & Moddable
XAJ10020000000 to XAJ10030000000Patched
XAJ10030000000 and upPatched & Unmoddable
XAJ4XAJ40000000000 to XAJ40046000000Unpatched & Moddable
XAJ40046000000 to XAJ40060000000Patched
XAJ40060000000  and upPatched & Unmoddable
XAJ7XAJ70000000000 to XAJ70040000000Unpatched & Moddable
XAJ70040000000 to XAJ70050000000Patched
XAJ70050000000 and up Patched & Unmoddable
XKW1, XKJ1, XJW1, & XWW1All the consolesPatched & Unmoddable

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hack Nintendo Switch Lite?

Yes. You can hack the Nintendo Switch Lite models.

How to jailbreak Nintendo Switch Lite?

You can follow the same procedure given in this section to jailbreak Switch Lite.

How to hack Nintendo Switch parental controls?

To hack Nintendo Switch parental controls, go to System Settings >> select Parental Controls >> enter the system PIN >> press X >> choose OK to reset and remove the parental controls.