How to Join PlayStation Party on PC

How to Join Play Station Party on PC- Featured Image

While there exists an incompatibility in accessing Discord on PlayStation, Sony has come up with PlayStation Party. It is a feature that allows the players to chat with other gamers while playing multiplayer games over voice or text chat efficiently. It was first launched for PlayStation Vita and later made available for PS4 and PS5. Besides this, they can hang out online and plan the next multiplayer session. With the PlayStation Party Chat support, the gamers need not rely on the in-game chat or other third-party chat services. So, when you receive an invite, you should know how to join a PlayStation Party Chat on PC. If you aren’t aware of the steps or are relatively new to the feature, then follow along to find the details.

Can I Join PlayStation Party on PC

To join the PlayStation Party, you need PS Remote Play, a free app available on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. The feature can be accessed using the PS4 and PS5 gaming consoles. However, it requires PS Remote Play to control the PlayStation console. As it isn’t a standalone app, the users need to further link devices like the PC that supports PS Remote Play to the console. When connected, the console can be left in sleep mode, and the users can chat from the PC.

To use this app, the user should need to create a PSN account or use the login details. You can download the PlayStation Party Chat app after connecting your PS remote with your console, and we can also record gameplay on PS5.

How to Join PlayStation Play on PC

For easy understanding, the entire process of joining the PlayStation Party on PC is split up into three steps.

Step 1: How to Enable Remote Play on PlayStation

It is vital to enable certain features for the Remote Play feature to work on your PS4 or PS5. i.e., the Sleep Mode feature should be enabled on the console as to stream apps using one another device (PC). With Sleep Mode, the console will be in reset mode while still connected to the internet

Enable Remote Play on PS4

1. Firstly, go to PS4 Settings.

How to join play station party on PC- PS4 Settings.

2. Click on the Remote Play Connection Settings.

PS4- Remote Play Connection Settings

3. Turn on the Enable Mode Replay.

4. Head back to the settings page and select Account Management.

PS4- Account Management

5. Click on Activate as your Primary PS4 and activate. You can only activate this on a single PS4 Console per each PS4 account.

Activate as your Primary PS4

6. Go back to the Settings page.

7. Click on the Power Save Settings.

How to Join Play Station Party on PC- Enable Power Save Settings.

8. Tap on the Set Features Available in Rest Mode option.

9. Check the internet connection and enable your PS4. If you want to charge your controllers on sleep mode, then you also have to enable the Enable Supply Power to USB Port option.

Turn on PS4 from Network.

Enable Remote Play on PS5

1. Navigate to the PS5 home screen to click on the Settings icon. The Settings option is available at the top right corner of the screen.

PS5- Settings page.

2. Click on System.

PS5- System Option

3. Select Remote Play and turn on the slider of Enable Remote Play.

PS5- Enable Remote Play

4. Head back to the Settings page.

5. Select Users & Accounts.

6. Then, click Others.

7. Click the Console Sharing and Offline Play option and Enable it.

How to join play station party on pc- Users & Accounts

8. Again, go back to the Settings page and select System.

9. Click on the Power Save Settings.

10. Then, click Features available in Rest Mode.

How to join play station party on pc- Power Saving

11. Check in the Stay Connected to the Internet option and Enable Turning On PS5 from Network.

Step 2: How to Set Up Remote Play on PC

Before proceeding, make sure to keep your PS and PC connected to the same WIFI.

1. To set up Remote Play on your PC, you must launch it first.

  • If you don’t own it, you shall get the Remote Play downloaded from the official website on your PC.

2. You shall Sign in to your PSN account by using the same login details you used in PS4 or PS5.

3. Now, press the PlayStation and Share buttons on the controller to connect the PC and PS wirelessly.

  • Optionally, you shall connect your PS Controller to your PC via USB Cable.

4. The app will display the name of your console. Go ahead to select it.

5. If prompted, provide the login details of your console.

6. With this, the app will connect your PC to your console, and it will display the PlayStation dashboard.

Step 3: How to Join PlayStation Party on PC

To join a party, you shall keep your headphones and your controller ready to use.

1. On the Remote Play app, click on the Microphone icon available at the bottom. You can even click on the Voice chat option.

2. Press the PlayStation button on your controller to open the quick menu.

Mic Icon

3. Select the Game Base (on PS5) or Party(on PS4) to join a party.

4. Select Party on the new menu that expands to join a party.

6. Now, the list of Groups available will be displayed. You shall select the desired group to join the PlayStation Party and start chatting.

Is PlayStation Party Better than Chat Services?

Yes. PlayStation Party is better compared to streaming services for the following reasons.

  • Remote Play is optimized in such a way it works on PC efficiently.
  • The quality of the stream stays the same, and you may not experience any lag.
  • It will not add load to your PC, unlike Discord. So, you can use the streaming options of the Remote Play simultaneously while playing.

So, that’s all about how to join a PlayStation party on your personal computer. You can also create a party and send the invitation. With this, you shall join your friends while playing multiplayer games to chat over text or voice messages. Meanwhile, you shall set up a VPN on PlayStation to keep your


1. Can you join PlayStation Party on PC?

In short, Yes. You can join PlayStation parties on PC.

2. What is PlayStation party Chat?

It is a feature that allows users to chat with their friends while playing games.

3. Can I join a PlayStation Party without remote play?

No. You need Remote PlaySoftware to join a party on PlayStation.

4. How to join PlayStation Parties on PC?

You can refer to the above procedure to join Parities on PC.