How to Pair Roku Remote [New or Old Device]

how to pair roku remote
how to pair roku remote

Every streaming device ships with a compatible remote controller, and Roku does include a TV remote. With the evolution of the Roku streaming devices, you will have two types of remote. Roku IR Remote and Roku Enhanced Remote. In most cases, the remote will be automatically paired to your Roku device. There is no need to manually pair the Roku remote. But, if you have lost the Roku remote that comes with the kit and bought a new remote, you need to manually pair the remote to your Roku device.

The IR remote is similar to conventional TV remotes. You need to point the LED in line of sight with the streaming device. If you don’t, then the remote won’t work. But in Roku Enhanced remote, all you need is to press the button independent of the direction. The enhanced remote uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to work.

How to Pair Roku IR Remote

(1) Insert the batteries in your Roku remote and turn on your Roku device.

(2) Now, press any button on the remote.

Note: The remote should be in the line of sight with the Roku device.

(3) Then, the pairing screen will be displayed on your Roku device. Within a few seconds, the remote will get successfully paired with your Roku device.

How to Pair Roku Enhanced Remote

(1) Insert the batteries on your Roku remote and turn on the Roku device.

(2) Place the remote nearer to the Roku device. The pairing screen will appear on your Roku device.

Pairing Screen

(3) Now, the Roku Enhanced remote will be paired to the Roku device.

How to Pair Roku Remote with Pairing Button

If you have a Roku voice remote, you shall pair it up with your Roku TV using the Pairing button. It will usually be provided in the battery compartment area of your remote or at the back of the remote.

  • To pair the Roku voice remote, all you need to do is to press the Pairing button until the green status flashlight appears.
  • Then, just move the remote closer to your Roku, and the pairing process will begin.
  • Wait for the Pairing remote notification to disappear on your Roku TV.

How to Sync Roku Remote without Pairing Button

Just like turning on Roku without a remote, you can pair its remote without using the pairing button. You can try the below steps if your Roku device allows you to navigate on the device interface without the remote. i.e., you can make use of physical buttons on your Roku TV.

Note: The same steps will work if you want to pair an old Roku remote to Roku TV.

(1) Navigate on the Roku home screen to select Settings.

(2) Go ahead to highlight the Remotes option.

(3) Then, select the Pair Remote option, and the remote will pair up with your TV.

How to Pair a New Roku Voice Remote

If you want to pair a new voice remote with your Roku TV, you need to follow the below steps.

(1) From the Roku home, navigate to select the Settings option.

(2) On the next screen, you need to select the Remotes & Devices option.

Select Remotes and devices

(3) Choose Set up a new device option.

Select Set up a new device

(4) Check in the box provided for Remote and select Continue.

Select Continue

(5) Now, press the Pairing button till the Status light flashes green.

Pair Roku Remote

How to Pair Roku TV Remote to TCL TV

Apart from streaming devices, Roku also has smart TV from brands like TCL, Hisense, Westinghouse, and more. To pair the TCL TV remote, you can use the steps mentioned above. In TCL Roku TV too, you have two types of remote, Roku IR Remote and Roku Enhanced Remote. In the Enhanced Roku Remote, you will have the pairing button.

Troubleshooting Tips to Pair Roku Remote

If the Roku remote is not pairing with the device, try the troubleshooting tips mentioned below.

  • Restart your Roku device and try again.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote and insert new batteries.
  • For the Enhanced remote, press the Pairing button on the battery compartment until the pairing light flashes.
  • For the Roku IR remote, there will no pairing light available. Remove the obstructions placed in between the remote and the device.
Pair Roku Remote

Still, having issues with the Roku remote? You can buy a new remote from Roku or any third-party remote. Among the third-party remoted, the Bedycoon remote is the best remote. You can pair the Bedycoon remote to your Roku device with ease. For pairing steps, you can follow the Roku IR method.

Bedycoon Roku Remote

Roku IR Remote vs Roku Enhanced Remote

Roku IR remote is a slightly older remote when compared to the Enhanced remote. A bunch of new features are available in the Enhanced remote. In the Enhanced remote, you will have,

Pair Roku Remote
  • Voice Search button,
  • Headphone port,
  • Power button,
  • Volume Control buttons,
  • Pairing button in the battery compartment.

It is easy to pair your new Roku remote to your Roku streaming devices. Place the remote in the line of sight, if you are using the IR remote. Place the remote closer to your Roku device if you are using the Enhanced Roku remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the pairing button on my Roku remote?

The pairing button will be placed in the battery compartment. Remove the battery panel, you can see the pairing button in the middle or corner of the batteries. Only Roku Enhanced Remote has the pairing button.

How to pair an old Roku Remote?

You can try any of the above methods to pair an old Roku remote with Roku TV.

What if, there is no pairing button on the Roku remote?

If there is no pairing button, then the remote is the Roku IR remote. Roku IR remote can only be paired with older Roku devices.