How to Reset Your DualShock PS4 Controller

How to reset PS4 Controller

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  • Soft Reset: Go to SettingsDevicesBluetooth devices → Click the controller name → Press the Options button Forget DeviceTurn Off PS4 Console.
  • Hard Reset: To do a hard reset, tap the button inside the hole exhibited in the back of your controller for 5-7 seconds.

PlayStation 4 is one of the well-received gaming consoles developed by Sony. With PS4, you can get an immersive gaming experience. In addition to playing games, you can watch movies, TV series, movies, and more by installing the respective apps. Some users may face pairing or freezing issues on their controllers after using them for a long time. If you are facing these problems in your PS4 controller, the best way to resolve them is by resetting your device. There are two easy ways to reset your PS4 controller. You can either reset the device in the PS4 system settings or by pressing the reset button in the PS4 controller.

When Should You Reset a PS4 Controller?

When the PS4 controller starts to malfunction or when the controller partly stops responding or starts to degrade in performance, then you need to reset your PS4 controller. The major controller issues are listed below,

  • Firmware issues – It is due to a random bug that causes a malfunction in controllers. The issue resolves by resetting your controller.
  • Hardware issues – The issue arises due to damage to internal components of the controller or console that needs replacements.
  • Battery issues – The controller battery has a lifespan of 5 to 7 hours. When the battery doesn’t fully charge and lasts less than 5 hours, or when it doesn’t charge at all, then reset your controller to resolve the issue.
  • Console firmware issues– This issue is due to random system and power bugs on the console that damages the controller’s signal.

Apart from the hardware issues, you can fix all the issues mentioned above by resetting your PS4 controller.

How to Soft Reset a PS4 Controller

Soft reset refers to resetting your controller by turning off the PS4 controller and console, which is done with the user interface.

This will flush out the memory and reset the connection established between the console and controller and thereby helping you to sort out various underlying pairing issues.

However, to perform a soft reset on the PS4 controller, you need an extra PS4 controller. If you have no extra controller to perform the action, then skip this process and proceed with the hard reset described below.

1). For a soft reset, log in with your extra controller with the same login credentials.

2) Then, go to the Settings icon on the top menu, which looks like a suitcase.

Click Settings on PS4

3) Select Devices on the settings screen.

Tap Devices

4) Under Devices, tap the option Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth devices menu

5) Now, the screen displays a list of device names that you have paired with the console.

6) Select the controller name on which you want to implement the reset. Note that the controller you are currently using has a green dot. You have to choose the inactive controller that doesn’t have a green dot.

7) Highlight the controller that you want to reset, and press the Options button on your controller, which is at the right of the touchpad.

Options button on PS4 controller

8) On pressing the options button, the screen displays a new menu with a controller name. Select Forget Device option on the screen.

Select Forget Device to reset PS4 Controller

9) After disconnecting the required PS4 controller, you must turn off the PS4 to complete the action.

10) To power off PS4, hold down the PS4 button on your working controller. Now go to the power menu on the screen and then select Turn off PS4 to complete the reset procedure.

Reconnect your console and controller via Bluetooth or USB cable and check whether the controller issues persist or not.

How to Hard Reset a PS4 Controller [Factory Reset]

To hard reset your PS4 controller, you no longer need to navigate between the user interface on your console. To perform a hard reset, get a small paper clip or a similar thin tool. A hard reset will restore the controller to its factory settings.

1). Insert the tool into the tiny hole displayed on the back of the PS4 controller.

Options button on PS4 controller

2) Press the button inside the hole for up to five seconds.

3) After 5 seconds, remove the insertion.

4) Now, the controller is reset and becomes ready to pair.

5) Pair your PS4 controller again with your console using a USB cable or Bluetooth.

How to Reconnect PS4 via USB Cable after Reset

1). You can again reconnect your controller and console with the USB cable and then turn On the PS4.

2) After turning it On, wait for a few minutes until PlayStation starts booting.

3) Now, press the PlayStation button on the controller and log in to your PS4 using your login credentials.

4) After successful login, your PS4 controller gets instantly paired to your PS4 console. If your PS4 controller is not connecting to PS4, change the USB cable and try pairing again.

How to Reconnect PS4 via Bluetooth after Reset

1). To connect your PS4 via Bluetooth, get your controller to pairing mode by pressing and holding the PS button and the Share button on your wireless controller simultaneously.

2) Then, on your console, select Settings DevicesBluetooth Devices.

3) It automatically searches for nearby Bluetooth devices. You can connect to the PS4 controller that appears in the devices list.

On resetting your PS4 controller, only the controller gets reset, and you will not lose any of your games, saved data, or any other files on your console, even when you do a factory reset. So, it is safe to perform the reset whenever you encounter issues on the controller.

If you are not sure whether the problem is with the controller or the console, then contact Playstation Support Center for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I fix an unresponsive PS4 controller?

The easiest way to fix an unresponsive PS4 controller is by performing a reset.

2. How do you force reset a PS4 controller?

You can force reset your controller to factory settings by inserting a paper clip into the controller hole and pressing it for five to seven seconds.

3. Can you reset PS4?

Yes. You can reset the PS4 console in the Settings section.

4. How can I connect the PS4 controller after the factory reset?

You can connect your PS4 controller to the console via Bluetooth or using the USB cable after performing a factory reset.