How to Turn off Nintendo Switch Controller

How to Turn off Nintendo Switch Controller

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Turn Off Specific Controller: Go to the home screen → Select the Controller icon → tap Change Grip/Order → Press the L and R buttons → other controllers will turn off.

Turn Off All Controllers: press the Home button → Tap the System Settings icon → Select Controllers and Sensors → Click Disconnect Controllers → tap X → Select OK.

Nintendo Switch Controller is a device that helps you to control and play games on Nintendo Switch. Joy-Con is a game controller specially designed for Nintendo Switch consoles. You can attach the Joy-Con to the right and left sides of the Switch. In addition to Joy-Con, Switch supports different types of gaming controllers. If you find any difficulties in using the Nintendo Switch Controller, the foremost thing to do is to turn Off the device. You can also turn Off the controller to save the battery life. There is more than one way to turn Off the Joy-Con or Switch Controllers. All the possible ways to turn off the controller are discussed below.

How to Turn Off a Specific Joy-Con or Controller

[1]. Navigate to the Home screen on your Nintendo Switch.

Navigate to the home screen

[2]. Select the Controller icon at the bottom menu list.

Select Controller to Turn off Nintendo Switch Controller

[3]. On the right side panel, tap the Change Grip/Order option.

Select Change Grip/Order.

[4]. Press the following buttons on the controller which you wish to be turned ON.

  • Switch Controller: Press the L and R buttons on the controller.
  • Joy-Con: If you want to play on a single joy-con, press the SL and SR buttons on that particular Joy-con to remain ON.
Press the L and R buttons

[5]. Your selected controller will stay On, and the others will be turned off automatically.

It will automatically Turn off Nintendo Switch Controller

How to Turn Off All Switch Controllers

[1]. On your controller, press the Home button to go to the home screen.

[2]. Tap on the System Settings icon at the bottom.

select System Settings.

[3]. Hit the option Controllers and Sensors on the left panel.

Select Controllers and Sensors.

[4]. Tap the Disconnect Controllers option.

Select Disconnect Controllers to Turn off Nintendo Switch Controller

[5]. Tap and hold the X button on your Controller or Joy-Cons

Tap X button to Turn off Nintendo Switch Controller

[6]. You will get the message “All controllers have been disconnected.” Then tap OK on the controller to confirm the action.

Select OK

Now your Switch controllers or Joy-Cons will be disconnected and shut off. You have to pair your Nintendo Switch controllers again if you want to use them to play games.

How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch Controller using Buttons

Joy-Cons: Just press the black circular button on the side of your detached Joy-Con to turn it off.

Press the black button to turn off Joy con

Pro Controllers: Press and hold the black button on your controller for 5 seconds to turn it Off.

Press the black button to turn off controller

You can also turn Off your Nintendo Switch Controller by turning Off your Nintendo Switch. Turn Off Nintendo Switch and leave the controller or Joy-con idle for some time to turn it Off. In addition, putting your Nintendo Switch console in sleep mode automatically turns Off your controller.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to stop the Switch Controller from drifting?

Follow the troubleshooting methods to fix the Switch controller drift.
1. Update your Switch.
2. Update your controller Firmware
3. Recalibrate your control sticks
4. Update your game software.
5. Rest any button remapping.

2. How do I turn off Switch Joy-Con?

Press the black button on the Joy-con to turn it Off.

3. Do Switch controllers turn off automatically?

Yes. If the Controller is idle for a long time, it will turn Off automatically.