How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch is a multiplayer gaming console where people can play together in the same room with different devices. This device focuses on sharing unlimited fun with family and friends. As with any electronic device, it is a better idea to turn off the Nintendo Switch when it isn’t in use. Turning off will let the hardware take some rest, resets the possible software glitches, and allows the battery to last longer and charge faster. Putting the Switch on Sleep mode while taking a short break can also help to improve the performance of this device. Sleep mode is handy for shutting down this device, but the battery will still drain. It is essential for Nintendo Switch to charge properly and perform better and this can be better achieved by turning off or putting it on sleep mode when it is not in use.

How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch with Power Button

Turning off the Switch using the power button is the simplest technique, and the steps involved are as follows. The procedure is the same for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Lite.

1. Look at the top of this device and locate the Power button.

  • The power button is present between the volume controls and the left trigger buttons.

2. Press and hold the Power button, and that brings up the option to turn off the Switch gaming console.

  • Upon pressing the Power button, the console will get into sleep mode, and you can resume it instantly.
Power Button- How to turn off Nintendo Switch

How to Turn Off the Nintendo Switch Via Console

You can turn off the Switch using the software of the console, and the below steps are all you need to follow. It will work on Switch and Lite models.

1. Long press the Power button for about three seconds.

2. Go to Power options.

3. Click on Power off.

How to Turn off Nintendo Switch

How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch Controller

If the Switch is connected to your Pro controller, you can turn it off by clicking on the Black button on the top of the controller. It is present next to the USB-C Port.

How to Turn Off Nintendo Switch Connected to Pro Controller

Note: If you are using Joy-Cons and want to turn off the Switch, you need not perform anything. In other words, it will turn off automatically when the device turns off.

How to Put the Switch in Sleep Mode

Sleep mode will turn off the device while keeping it active. In other words, it will not shut down the device, so

, you can start from where you left previously. There are three ways in which you can put your Switch into sleep mode.

Using the Power Button

  • Press the Power button once. It will put the Switch to the Sleep Mode automatically.

From the Power Menu

1. Long press the power button of the console for at least three seconds.

2. A menu will appear, and you need to select Power Options from that.

3. Choose Sleep Mode.

4. Click on the Sleep Mode once again, and your console will get into sleep mode.

From Quick Start Screen

1. Long press the Home Button on the right side of the controller for at least three seconds to open the Quick Settings Menu.

2. Choose Sleep Mode.

How to Change Nintendo Switch Sleep Mode Settings

It is possible to customize the Sleep Mode settings of the Switch. In other words, you can choose when the console should enter into Sleep Mode or disable it while accessing media. The steps below will help you with it.

1. From the Switch Home screen, select System Settings.

2. Navigate to select the Sleep Mode.

3. Now, choose the time after which the console should enter into sleep mode and disable it while streaming media.

4. Finally, press the B button to save the changes.

How to Turn On the Switch

Turning on this device is a simple task. Just press the Power Button on the top of the switch. It will automatically turn on.

How to turn on the controller


1. Which is the power button on the Nintendo Switch?

The power button is present in between the left trigger and volume control buttons.

2. Why is my Nintendo Switch Frozen?

This situation may occur due to some software glitch, low battery, incomplete update, etc. For more information, contact Nintendo Switch Customer Support.

4. How to turn off the Nintendo Switch when it is frozen?

If your Nintendo Switch isn’t turning on, press the Power button for at least 20 seconds until the Nintendo Switch turns off.

3. How to turn off Nintendo Switch on TV?

Select Settings >> TV Settings >> find Match TV Power and disable it.

5. Why my Nintendo switch is not turning on?

Reset the AC adapter and leave it unplugged for almost 30 seconds. After that, hold on to the power button for 20 seconds to turn on the Switch.