How to Install and Activate Hulu on Google TV

For users who are looking for the best on-demand streaming service platform, then Hulu is the best choice. Hulu is a great app that offers TV shows, movies, sports, live TV, Originals, series, and much more. You can have your own unique profile where you can add all your favorite shows, movies, and so on. Even you can create up to 6 profiles, whereas you can track what they watch. Currently, the Hulu app supports Chromecast with Google TV, which is great news for both users. This post will guide you to install the Hulu app on your TV.

Hulu on Google TV

Hulu Pricing

The Hulu app has 4 different price packages.

  • Hulu – $5.99 per month
  • Hulu (No ads) – $11.99 per month
  • Live TV + Hulu – $54.99 per month
  • Live TV + Hulu (No ads) – $60.99 per month

How to Install Hulu on Google TV

The below-mentioned steps will guide you to install the Hulu app on Google TV.

[1] Turn on your Google TV and select the Search option from the home screen.

Hulu on Google TV- click search

[2] Use the Google assistant or type the Hulu app name in the search box.

Hulu on Google TV- enter the app name

[3] Choose the Hulu app from the suggestion list.

[4] Then, to start downloading the app, click the Install option.

[5] Once the downloading gets finished, select the Open button to launch it.

[6] Now, you can see the Hulu app on your Google TV home screen, and you can start to stream its content.

How to Activate Hulu on Google TV

[1] On your Chromecast with Google TV, launch the Hulu app.

[2] To start, you need to click on the login option and enter the required details.

[3] The screen will display the 6-digit code.

[4] Open the browser on your PC and go to the Hulu activation website.

[5] Enter the activation code and click on the Activate button.

Hulu on Google TV- enter the code

[6] Now, the Hulu app will get activated successfully, and you can access all the app content.

Sign Up for Hulu

[1] Visit and select the Start your free trial option.

click start your free trial

[2] Choose a plan and click the Select button.

Hulu on Google TV- choose the plan

[3] Select the Continue with Facebook option or enter your account information and click the Continue option.

[4] Next, enter your payment details and click Submit.

You can now watch all your favorite TV shows, rewatch the series and even discover the newly released movies. Even you can download the videos and watch them later on offline mode.

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1. Does Hulu works on Google TV?

Yes. You can stream the Hulu app on your TV. This process will just take a few minutes to get complete. For the detailed procedure, you can follow the above section.

2. Why can’t I get Hulu on my Google TV?

Make sure that you are using the updated version. To check the Hulu app update, you can go to the Apps Store and then reinstall it to launch it on your TV.