How to Fix IMDb Error Code 1016 | Possible Ways

IMDb Error Code 1016

IMDb is the best streaming service that provides information on ratings and reviews of movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. While accessing IMDb on your device, you might sometimes get Error Code 1016. The IMDb Error Code 1016 states, “There was a problem loading this page.” This error code can be caused by a wireless connection dropping out, a network, an outdated OS, an older version of the app, etc. If you have no idea how to fix it, read this article. 

How to Fix IMDb Error Code 1016

Use any of the mentioned troubleshooting methods to resolve the error code 1016.

  • Check Your Network Connection
  • Update OS
  • Update the App
  • Proxy Issue
  • Restart your Device
  • Change your Device
  • Restart your Home network
  • Try a Different Network
  • Contact Support

[1] Check Your Network Connection

A slow and unstable internet connection could also be the reason for IMDb Error Code 1016. The error message usually means that your device is having a hard time communicating with the servers. So, check your network connection, and if the problem is confirmed, restart your routers and modem. Unplug the router’s power cable from the outlet and plug it in after 10 to 30 seconds.

[2] Update the App

IMDb Error Code 1016- Update IMDb

Using the old version of the IMDb app is the reason for numerous errors. Therefore, always try to use the latest IMDb app version. If the error is still reflecting even after updating the IMDb app, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it once again from the App Store. It might possibly fix the error.

[3] Update OS

Like updating the app, it is a must to update your streaming device. An outdated version of your device sometimes causes the error code 1016. So always keep updating the device you are using to stream the IMDb.

[4] Proxy Issue

Sometimes running a live VPN connection can also be the reason for IMDb error code 1016. So check whether you have turned it on. If so, disable it and check whether the error still exists.

[5] Restart your Device

Restarting your device is the other possibility of fixing the IMDb error code. Initially, close the app and open the app again from the home screen. It will help you restart the app and fix errors.

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[6] Change your Device

IMDb app will not be compatible with all streaming devices. Therefore, check whether your device is capable of running the app. If not, try using the other streaming device. The incompatible device may also be the root cause for IMDb error code 1016. The IMDb TV supports Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, Xbox One, Xbox Series/ X/S, PS4, PS5, Google TV, iOS devices (iPhones and iPads), and Android phones.

[7] Restart your Home Network

You can also try restarting your home network to fix the IMDb error code that displays on your device.

IMDb Error Code 1016- Restart home network
  • Turn off your device and unplug both the modem and router from the power outlet.
  • Leave them all unplugged for a minute.
  • After that, plug in your router and turn your device.
  • Now try to access IMDb and other streaming devices again.

[8] Try a Different Network

If still the error exists, you can try using a different wireless network.

  • Click the home button on your device.
  • Click Settings and choose the WiFi menu.
  • Choose a different available network and connect to it.
  • Once connected, try accessing IMDb.

[9] Contact Support

When the error remains the same, you can also try visiting the IMDb support page to contact the help support. The support executives will try to diagnose the error.

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1. How to fix IMDb not working?

If IMDB TV is not working, you shall force close the app and re-open it, restart your device or log out of your account in IMDb and log in back.

2. Is IMDb included with Amazon Prime?

You can stream IMDb TV content from your web browser on the Prime Video app through the IMDb TV Channel, and through the IMDb app for Android and iOS.

3. Why is IMBD not working?

You may find IMDB TV not working issue when there are any server outages or if the website is down. You may also check for any network connectivity issue to fix the problem.

4. Can I get IMDB on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes. You can get IMDB on Samsung smart TV easily as the app is officially available on the app store.