How to Get a Free Trial on NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass Free Trial

If you want to watch live Basketball matches from the NBA app, you must require an active Cable TV Provider. But what if you do not have one? No worries. There is an alternative way to watch the NBA events without a Cable TV Provider, and it is NBA League Pass. It acts as a trump card that allows you to watch all the events from the NBA TV channel. It is a premium platform and for all the new subscribers, the NBA League Pass offers a free trial for 7 days. In this trial period, you can access the NBA TV for free with premium features.

Once the trial period is over, your account will be automatically converted into a premium one. If you wish to use the free trial alone, make sure that you are canceling before it gets over. Moreover, you must cancel the League Pass subscription on the device you used to purchase it.

How Does NBA League Pass Works

NBA League Pass is the pavement that you can use to watch the NBA Finals 2023 via the NBA app. Other than that, you can get the following features.

  • In the League Pass package, you can watch all the live and on-demand matches on one or two devices at the same time.
  • NBA League Pass covers all the events like breakdowns, news, and highlights streaming on NBA TV.
  • Along with that, NBA League pass streams content in the languages like Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean for selected games.

How to Claim a 7-day Free Trial on NBA League Pass

1. Open a web browser on your Smartphone or PC and visit the official website of NBA[].

2. From the NBA home page, click on the League Pass option.

Get the NBA League Pass Free Trial

3. Now, you can see the available subscription costs.

4. Choose the package that you are comfortable with and hit Subscribe.

5. Once done, enter the payment details and hit Agree and Subscribe.

How Much is NBA League Pass

The NBA League Pass has two subscription costs. You can choose your preferred package and get the free trial immediately. Moreover, you can subscribe to it directly from its official website.

League Pass$14.99/month
League Pass Premium$19.99/month

NBA Promo Codes and Discounts 2023

Other than the free trial, NBA League Pass offers exclusive student offers. Through this, all the students will be offered a 40% discount from the actual League Pass subscription. To get this offer, you must verify your student status.

If you are not a student, use these promo codes to lower your subscription cost for the first month.

  • AMEX32
  • DUNK20
  • cdlmenddr23

How to Cancel the NBA League Pass Subscription

Once the free trial period is over, you must continue the experience with a premium account. If not, you have to cancel the League Pass subscription before the free trial ends.

Go to →sign in with your NBA ID → My Account → Manage Plan → Cancel Subscription → reason to cancel → confirm by clicking Cancel Subscription.

Can I Get a Free Trial on NBA Team Pass?

A big NO. Only the NBA League Pass offers a 7-day free trial. In the case of NBA Team Pass, you will be watching the game of particular teams alone. And those teams will be chosen by you. To get the NBA Team Pass you must subscribe to it for $13.99/month.


Can I watch NBA Finals 2023 on Roku?

Yes. You can watch NBA Finals 2023 on Roku. For that, you must install the NBA app and purchase the League Pass.

Does NBA League Pass offer a free trial?

Yes. For all the new subscribers, the NBA League Pass offers a free trial for 7 days.