How to Install and Stream NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku

NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku

Pocket Guide

  • NFL Sunday Ticket is available in the Roku Channel Store.
  • Install NFL Sunday Ticket: Tap Streaming Channels → Click Search Channels → Type NFL Sunday Ticket → Select the app → Click Add Channel.
  • Via the Roku website: Open a browser → Visit the Roku Channel Store website → Search for NFL Sunday Ticket → Click the app → Tap Add Channel.
  • You can also mirror your smartphone or PC screen on Roku and can stream NFL Sunday Ticket games.

NFL Sunday Ticket is a service that provides more than 200 out-of-market Sunday Football games. This service is offered by DirecTV. So, you need to get either a DirecTV subscription or an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription to stream this service. All the games on the NFL Sunday Ticket can be streamed in HD quality. This application is available in major app stores, including Roku Channel Store. If you are a Roku user, you can directly download the app on your Roku. Alternatively, you can mirror your smartphone screen to Roku and can stream NFL Sunday Ticket content without installing the app on Roku.

NFL Sunday Ticket: Pricing 💰

If you have DIRECTV Subscription, you can stream NFL Sunday Ticket Max 2022 season for free. Buy any one of the subscriptions listed below to access NFL Sunday Ticket Max at no extra cost.

  • DIRECTV Choice – $89.99/per month.
  • DIRECTV Ultimate – $104.99/per month.
  • DIRECTV Premier – $149.99/per month.

If you don’t have a DIRECTV subscription, you need to subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket on their official website.

  • NFL Sunday Ticket – $293.94/season.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket Max – $395.94/season.

If you are a Student, you can get the NFL Sunday Ticket at just $99.96/season, including NFL Redzone, Fantasy zone, etc.

How to Add NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku

(1) Connect a Roku device to your TV and set it up if you use it for the first time.

(2) Then, connect the Roku to a Wi-Fi network.

(3) Select the option Streaming Channels on the home screen.

Click Streaming Channels on Roku

(4) Choose Search Channels and type NFL Sunday Ticket.

Type NFL Sunday Ticket

(5) Select the app from the search suggestions.

(6) Click on the Add Channel button to install the app on Roku.

Add NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku

(7) Once added, launch the app by clicking the option Go to Channel.

(8) Enter either the DIRECTV login credentials or the NFL Sunday Ticket login credentials to sign in to your account.

(9) Play any NFL match and watch it on your Roku TV.

How to Install NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku via Roku Website

(1) Launch a web browser on your phone or computer.

(2) Visit and sign in to your Roku account. Make sure to sign in to the same Roku account you have used for your Roku device.

Sign into Roku

(3) Search for the NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku Channel Store.

(4) Navigate to the app and click Details.

Search for NFL Sunday Ticket

(5) Click Add Channel to download the app on Roku.

Click Add Channel

(6) The NFL Sunday Ticket app will be added to your RokuTV after 24 hours. To add it immediately, update your Roku device.

(7) Turn On your Roku and launch the NFL Sunday Ticket app.

(8) Sign in to your account using the necessary login details and stream your favorite NFL matches.

Alternative Way to Stream NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku

Before moving into the steps, enable the option Screen Mirroring (Android) or AirPlay (iOS) on Roku.

(1) Install the NFL Sunday Ticket app on your Android or iOS device.

(2) After installing the app, fill in your login credentials and log in to your account.

(3) Once signed in, move to the Notification Panel (Android) or Control Center (iOS) of your smartphone.

(4) Tap the Cast icon (Android) or Screen Mirroring icon (iOS) and click the name of your Roku device on the pop-up menu.

Tap Cast icon
Select Screen Mirroring.

(5) Within seconds, your smartphone screen will be mirrored on your Roku TV. Navigate to the NFL Sunday Ticket app and play any content to watch it on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I get the NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku?

Yes. You can download the NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku from the Roku Channel Store.

2. What are all included in the NFL Sunday Ticket Max?

NFL Sunday Ticket has all the benefits of the NFL Sunday Ticket pack, along with the NFL Redzone and the Fantasy Zone.

3. How to Cancel NFL Sunday Ticket?

If you are in the middle of the season, you cannot cancel the Sunday Ticket. But if you don’t want to continue to the next season, make sure to cancel before the end of the current season.