Nintendo Switch Error Code 2137-7504: How to Fix

2137-7504 Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. Though the Switch consoles are great, many users are facing error codes and issues while using them. There are plenty of error codes available in the Nintendo Switch console that you have to solve by yourself. The error 2137-7504 arises when the console is having issues with the Nintendo server. If you experience the 2137-7504 error code while using Nintendo Switch, follow the below troubleshooting fixes.

How to Resolve 2137-7504 Error Code on Nintendo Switch

  • Check your internet connection
  • Check Nintendo’s Server Status
  • Restart Nintendo Switch
  • Restart Router

Check your Internet Connection

The primary thing that you need to check is your internet and WiFi connection. Poor internet connection may cause the 2137-7504 Nintendo Switch error code. So, check whether your internet connection is properly working. If not, connect it properly or try connecting your Switch to a different connection. Now, check if the error gets fixed.

Check Nintendo’s Server Status

Check Nintendo's Server Status

The server issue is the main cause of the error code 2137-7504 in the Nintendo Switch consoles. If the server is down or under maintenance, then the user will feel difficult to access the Nintendo Switch, play games, or use the eShop. In this case, the user cannot resolve the error. All you need to do is, wait until it gets fixed by the Nintendo officials.

Restart Nintendo Switch

2137-7504 Nintendo Switch- restart Nintendo switch

There are chances that your Nintendo Switch console may have some temporary glitches. Restarting the console will fix those glitches and resolve all the minor issues. To restart the Nintendo Switch console, hold down the power button for 12-15 seconds until the console turns off. Wait for a few seconds and press the Power button to turn on the console.

Restart Router

Restart router

When there are unwanted caches or cookies stored in the router, then you will get the 2137-7504 error. So, restart your WiFi router. Remove both modem and router from the power outlet. Leave them all unplugged for a minute. Then, connect it again. Make sure that you are connecting too many devices to the router.


1. How do I fix error code 2123-1502 on Nintendo Switch?

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2. What does the 2137-7504 mean on Nintendo Switch?

This error code happens due to connectivity and server issues.