How to Get Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

Peacock TV is a new premium TV streaming service launched by NBC Universal. It features hit series, blockbuster movies, exclusive originals, live news, TV shows, etc. Unfortunately, the service is now currently available in the US region alone. In addition, those Sky and NOW subscribers in UK and Ireland, Germany and Austria, and Italy can stream Peacock TV at no extra cost. Peacock TV is supported by mostly all platforms like Android, Apple TV, Xbox, Vizio, LG smart TVs, PlayStation, and Chromecast. It is still in the development phase for Roku, Amazon Firestick, and other Smart TVs. As of now, few Samsung TVs provide native support to Peacock. Yet we found some other ways to stream Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV of older models. With this, the users can access some of the channels on Peacock, including NBC Sports, True Crime, NBC News, Fallon Tonight, TODAY All Day, etc.

Peacock TV Subscription

You can use Peacock TV for Free, which gives access to 40,000 hours of content with limited ads. Users can stream WWE Premium Live events, premium live TV, the entire library of kids and family, etc.

Also, Peacock premium gives you access to 60,000 hours of content that costs $4.99/month, and an ad-free version comes at the cost of $9.99/month. It is a home to live sports and sports events, movies, TV shows, news, etc.

How to Get Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

If you own a Samsung Smart TV model from 2017 or later, you can install Peacock TV directly from the Samsung TV App Store. You shall follow the below guide after connecting your Samsung TV to the internet to add the app to Samsung Smart TV.

Quick Guide: Go to Apps >> Select Magnifier >> Input as Peacock TV >> Choose Download >> Select Open.

1. On your Samsung TV remote controller, press the Smart Hub button.

2. Navigate to click on the Apps tile.

Peacock TV on Samsung TV - Select Apps

3. Now, select the Magnifier icon from the top-right.

Peacock TV on Samsung TV - Select Magnifier icon

4. Using the on-screen keys, input the app name as Peacock TV. Select Done.

5. When directed to the app information window, you should click Download.

6. Once installed, select the Open button to launch the Peacock TV Samsung TV app.

Peacock TV on Samsung TV - Select Apps

How to Sign Up for Peacock TV

1. Launch the Peacock TV app on your Smart TV.

  • Optionally, from a browser, visit the official website of Peacock TV (

2. Click on the Sign Up to Start Watching button and enter the necessary details in the field provided.

3. Check in the box besides Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.

4. Now, tap on the Start Watching button.

5. With this, you will be asked to enter your personal information. Enter and click on the Start Watching button.

6. Check your email address for the verification email from Peacock TV.

7. Once you verify the email address, refresh Peacock TV on your Samsung TV.

How to Activate Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

1. After the verification, Peacock TV Samsung TV app will display an activation code.

2. Using the web browser, visit the Peacock TV activation website (

3. Input the activation code given on the website and click on the Continue button.

Activate Peacock TV on Samsung TV

4. When the code entered is correct, Peacock TV on your smart TV will refresh, and you shall start streaming the content.

Alternative Way: How to Watch Peacock TV on Samsung TV Via Screen Casting

Some Samsung Smart TVs don’t have native support for the Peacock TV. i.e., you cannot directly download the Peacock app on your older TVs. But still, you can stream Peacock TV to Samsung Smart TV with the help of:

  1. Google Chromecast or
  2. iOS Airplay option (If your Samsung TV supports AirPlay).

1. Chromecast Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

Chromecast provides native support to Peacock TV. So you wouldn’t need any third-party app to support the streaming like Google Home or Google Streaming for Android or iOS, respectively. Now let us see the steps to Chromecast Peacock TV.

Before proceeding any further, sign up for a Peacock account.

Step 1: App installation

Install the Peacock app on your Smartphone. For iOS devices, you can get it from the App Store, and in the case of Android, the app is now available on Playstore.

Download Peacock App from App Store
Download Peacock App from Playstore

Step 2: Login to Peacock App

As said earlier, don’t forget to create your peacock account beforehand on a PC or Mobile phone. And enter Peacock TV sign-in details to log in to your account.

Step 3: Set up Chromecast

Mostly all Android TVs come with in-built Chromecast support. Few Samsung TV models do support Chromecast. But then you may need an external device in such models. First, connect your Chromecast device to Samsung TV using the HDMI port. And then, connect it to the WiFi network the same as that of your mobile phone.

Step 4: Start Streaming

Stream Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV - Google cast icon

On your Peacock mobile app, choose your favorite show or movie. Then play it. Now on the top-right corner, you could see a Cast icon. Tap on it. Your mobile will search for the available Chromecast devices and displays them. Choose the one in which you want to stream.

2. Watch Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV using Airplay

All Samsung Smart TV models from 2018 have native support for AirPlay 2 that includes Samsung FHD or HD, 5 series; QLED 4K Q6-9; The Frame series; The Serif series; UHD 6-8 series.

Step 1: Install and Login

Download Peacock App from App store

Download and Install the Peacock mobile application from the App store. Don’t forget to create your Peacock Account. i.e., Sign up to Peacock ( Then enter your Peacock TV log in details to access your account.

Step 2: Set up

Now make sure your Mobile and Samsung TV are connected to the same WiFi network. So that it will be easy for your mobile to scan and find your Samsung TV.

Step 3: Start Streaming

Airplay icon - Stream Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

To AirPlay Peacock to Samsung TV and start playing your favorite show or movie, you should tap the AirPlay icon, which you can find on the top-right corner of the video screen. Now choose your Samsung TV, and that’s it. You can find the video being played on your Samsung TV.

How to Watch Peacock TV on Samsung TV Via SmartThings App

If you have set up your Samsung TV using SmartThings app from your smartphone, you shall watch it using it. It is assumed that you have the Peacock TV app already installed on your phone.


1. Firstly, keep your Samsung TV and your handheld (Android or iOS) connected to the same WIFI.

2. Now, open the SmartThings app on your smartphone.

3. On the home screen, select the + icon and tap on the Add Devices option.

Select Add icon

4. Go ahead to click on the Samsung Smart TV name.

5. When prompted, check for the PIN on your TV and enter it on the smartphone.

6. If the code matches, the SmartThings app will display your phone screen.

7. With that, launch the Peacock TV on your phone and select a title.

8. Start watching the same on your Samsung TV.

Peacock TV on Samsung TV

Why is Peacock TV Not Working on Samsung TV

When you come across the Peacock TV app on Samsung TV not working, it may appear for different reasons. Some of the possible causes for the issue include poor internet, server outage, app version unsupported, outdated firmware, a bug in the app, etc.

You shall try out the below fixes.

  • Connect the Samsung TV to the stable internet connectivity.
  • Check for device compatibility.
  • Update the Peacock TV Samsung Smart TV app.
  • Power down your TV.
  • Restart your smart TV.
  • Update the Samsung TV
  • Reset the Samsung TV to factory settings.
  • Contact Peacock Support to get the issue resolved.

That was all about getting the Peacock TV app on Samsung TV. If your device has native support, adding it won’t take much time. Else, you need to rely on screen casting or AirPlay from iPhone. As it is a multiplatform app, you shall get Peacock TV on Sony Smart TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Peacock TV for free?

To stream Peacock TV for free, one should choose the Free option while signing up for an account. There is no expiry to the trial period. However, those premium users will also get a 7-day free trial.

How many profiles does Peacock TV support?

You can create upto 6 personal profiles for an optimized streaming experience on Peacock TV.

Can I watch the 2022 Winter Paralympics on Peacock TV?

Yes. Anyone can watch the 2022 Winter Paralympics Games and replays with a Peacock Premium plan.

Why is Peacock TV not on my Samsung Smart TV?

Whether Peacock not showing up on your smart TV or you can’t find the app on Samsung TV, it means the app isn’t yet compatible with your TV.

Can I watch Peacock TV on Vizio smart TV?

Yes. You can watch Peacock TV on Vizio TV.

Is Peacock TV on LG Smart TV?

You can stream Peacock TV on LG Smart TV with WebOS.

Why can’t I get Peacock on my Samsung TV?

If you can’t get Peacock on your smart TV, it means you own a model released in 2017 or later.

Why is Peacock AirPlay not working on Samsung TV?

The issue may occur when your iOS and Smart TV aren’t using the same WIFI.