How to Fix PS Error Code WS-116415-8 & WS-37398-0

Several players received PlayStation error code WS-116415-8. This is one of the common errors that people get in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This error occurs if you are unable to sign in to the PlayStation network and thus because PlayStation network servers are down. That means the PSN server is undergoing maintenance. While getting this error you won’t be able to play games online and cannot access the PlayStation Store. However, you can still play offline games on your PlayStation. Fortunately, the problem can be resolved quickly. Check out this article to know the working fixes to try when PlayStation error codes WS-116415-8 and WS-37398-0 occur.

How to Fix PlayStation Error Code WS-116415-8 & WS-37398-0

There are no fixes that you can follow to get rid of the error codes WS-116415-8 and WS-37398-0 on PS4 and PS5. Not even resetting the PS4 or PS5 will resolve the issue. It is because the problem is not with your console and not with your network connection. You have to wait until the server gets back and runs properly after the maintenance and restore the other PlayStation services. Until then, you can’t sign into PlayStation Network.

fix playstation error code WS-116415-8

To view the status of PlayStation Network services, you can visit the PlayStation Network Server Status page and look for the status. Further, the error code will disappear automatically once the servers are back up and running. Otherwise, you can reset your router and wait for the PlayStation Network Server to work. And then, you can access all the PlayStation services.

If you get an error code WS-37398-0, it also means the same error code. That is PlayStation server is down. Mostly these problems will be solved in an hour. So, until the PlayStation network login issues get fixed from the developer end, you can spend your time playing offline games.

This is how you can rectify the PlayStation error code WS-116415-8 on PlayStation 4 and WS-37398-0 on PlayStation 5. If you have PlayStation 3, you might have faced PlayStation Error Code 8002A537, which logs you out of the current PSN account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rid of the error code on PS5?

Reset your PS5, if any error occurs. To do that go to Settings >> System >> System Software >> Reset PS5.

How do you fix PlayStation error codes?

You can restart your PlayStation to fix the error codes.

How do I fix error WS 37368 7 on PS4?

Error code WS 37368 7 means, the PlayStation network account is suspended. So, you can contact the PlayStation support team to create a new account.

What is the error code CE 30005 8 on PS4?

CE 30005 8 on PS4 indicates that the game’s disc is corrupted. So, you can reinstall the game on the disc.

What is the error code CE 108255 1 on PS5?

CE 108255 1 on PS5 means that something went wrong with a game or app.