How to Stream Plex on Sony Smart TV

Plex on Sony TV

Plex is a Digital Media Player that allows you to access media from one computer to another computer or a compatible device. You can host your local files from one computer using the Plex server and stream them on Plex-compatible devices. With Plex, you will find more than 200 live TV channels, TV series, movies, news, live channels, etc. You can get the Plex premium version for the ultimate TV experience. Plex is available on most streaming devices, including Smart TVs like Sony, Samsung, and LG TV.

Plex on Sony TV

The latest versions of Sony Android BRAVIA models have native support for Plex. The older models don’t support Plex. Earlier, Sony had a contract with Opera Store and through which you can install Plex. After the end of the contract, users were not able to access Plex on the TV. But still, you can use a different method to stream Plex on Sony TV. Don’t confuse with the new logo of Plex. Recently, Plex has changed its logo.

Plex New logo

How to Download Plex App on Sony Android TV (Latest Versions)

If you are using a Sony Smart Android TV, you can easily install Plex using the Play Store.

Install Plex App

1. Turn on your Sony Smart TV and go to the Home screen.

2. You will find the Google Play Store on your Home Page. Navigate to that and select it using the remote.

3. Go to the Search tab and enter the term Plex.

4. You will get a list of suggested apps. From the list, select the Plex app.

5. On the Plex app page, select the Install button to download and install the app on your TV.

Plex app

6. Launch the app and sign in to your Plex account.

How to Install Plex on Sony Google TV

1. On your Sony Google TV, go to the Apps section.

2. Click the Search Bar and type Plex.

Search for Plex app

3. Select the Plex app from the search results.

4. Tap the Install button on the next screen.

Plex on Sony Google TV

5. Then, click the Open button to launch the Plex app.

How to Activate Plex on Sony Smart TV

To use the Plex app on your TV, you need to activate it. The activation steps are common for both the Sony Android TV version (latest models) and the Sony Google TV version.

1. When you open the Plex app on your Sony Android or Google TV, you will get the Welcome screen. Tap the Sign In button.

Click the Sign In button

2. The Plex activation code will appear.

3. Note down the activation code and go to the Plex activation website.

Plex activation code

4. Enter the activation code and click the Link button.

5. Sign in with your Plex account if asked.

6. Now, you will get the Account Linked screen.

Activate Plex on Sony TV

7. After this, the Plex app on your TV will display you the on-demand content and live TV channels.

8. Choose any of the content from the Plex library or your own library and stream them on your TV.

How to Stream Plex on Sony TV using Smartphone

Apart from these streaming devices, you can also try screen mirroring Plex to TV. It is to note that most Sony Smart TVs support screen mirroring or casting.

1. Download and install the Plex app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your Android or iOS devices.

2. Connect your TV and the device from which you are casting to the same WiFi network.

3. Using your Sony remote, go to the screen mirroring mode.

4. Launch the Plex app on your smart TV and log in to your account.

5. You can select any title to play and click on the Cast or AirPlay icon.

Plex on Sony TV

6. Now, choose your Sony TV from the available devices to connect to.

7. With this, the phone screen will appear on the TV. You can now start streaming the videos on your TV.

Alternative Way

You can use external streaming devices like Google Chromecast or Amazon Firestick to get the Plex app on your Sony Smart TV. All the Sony TV comes with an HDMI port. So, you can connect any of the streaming devices and get the Plex app.

Other Supported Devices

You can install Plex on numerous devices. To maintain Plex Media Server, you can install Plex on different devices. Some of the applicable devices are,

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Plex not working on Sony TV?

If Plex isn’t working, you shall check for the current version and update it to the latest one. Ensure that you are using the right Plex account login details.

2. Can I install Plex on Sony Android TV?

Yes, you can install Plex on the Sony Bravia Smart TVs with Android TV OS and Google TV OS.