How to Stream Sky Go on Roku [Possible Ways]

Sky Go on Roku

Sky Go by Sky TV is an online streaming service provider to watch live and on-demand Sky TV with the internet. Those Sky TV subscribers can get Sky Go for free. Besides Sky TV shows and programs, Sky Go offers various on-demand videos like movies, TV shows, etc. You will get access to more than 200+ Live TV channels with the Sky Go app. It includes popular, free-to-air, and premium channels like ITV, Channel 4, Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, etc. The app is available for smartphones and PC. However, the Sky Go app is not compatible with smart TVs or any other streaming devices. Therefore you cannot download the Sky Go app on Roku. But that wouldn’t stop you from screen mirroring your smartphone or PC to watch Sky Go on Roku.

How to Get Sky Go on Roku

You cannot download the Sky Go app on Roku from the Roku Channel Store. Unlike Firestick, you cannot sideload Sky Go on Roku. So the only way is to screen mirror your Android, iOS smartphone, or computer to the Roku and watch the contents on your TV. For that, we need to enable screen mirroring on Roku and set the device ready.

Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku

The Roku device must be running with Roku OS 7.7 or later. To find the version, go to Settings > System > About. If you are using older versions, you need to update Roku firmware to the latest version.

1). Turn on and connect Roku to the WIFI network.

2). Press the home button on the supplied Roku remote.

3). Then, choose Settings from the home screen.

Sky Go on Roku

4). On the Settings screen, select the System option.

5). Now, select the Screen Mirroring Mode and choose Always Allow (It will allow any device to mirror onto your Roku without prompt) or Prompt (It will pop up a permission prompt when there is a screen mirroring request) option.

6). You can choose Screen Mirroring devices and choose which devices you want to allow and which you want to block.

If you choose the Prompt, then you will be asked for permission whenever there is a screen mirroring request. Always Accept will always allow the device to mirror, Accept will allow only this time, Ignore will deny the screen mirroring access this time, and Never allow will add this device to the blocked lists.

How to Cast Sky Go to Roku from Android Devices

You can screen mirror your Android phone to Roku. Android mobiles have got in-built screen mirroring option to project the contents of the mobile to the TV. But not all Android mobile manufacturers use the same term to define a specific function. You can find the option by searching for it inside the Settings menu. There are lots of terms that would refer to casting as follows.

1. Screen Share
2. Screen Mirror
3. Share and Connect
4. Mirror Screen
5. Wi-Fi Direct
6. Miracast
7. Wireless Display
8. Smart View or Smart Share
9. Quick Connect or HTC Connect
10. Screen Cast or Cast

Use the following steps to screen mirror your Android phone to the Roku device. Before the steps, download the Sky Go app on your Android mobile from Play Store.

1). Make sure to connect your Android phone and Roku device to the same Wi-Fi network.

2). On the Android phone, go to Settings.

3). Search Cast, or try searching any of the terms given in the box inside the Settings. Or pull down the Notification Panel and tap the Cast option.

Android - Screen Mirroring

4). Choose the Roku device from the list of available devices.

5). Click Start Now on the pop-up warning.

Sky Go on Roku

6). Now, open the Sky Go app and start playing the videos which you want to watch on the Roku-connected TV.

Sky Go on Roku

How to Screen Mirror Sky Go to Roku from Windows PC

Download the Sky Go desktop app on your Windows PC from the Sky Go website. Launch and log in to your account. For screen mirroring Windows to Roku, you need to add the Roku device to your Windows.

1). Open the Action Center on your PC. Next, click on the Notifications icon in the bottom-right corner.

2). Click on the Connect option and then choose your Roku device.

Sky Go on Roku

3). Allow your desktop to start the screen mirroring to Roku TV.

4). Now, open the Sky Go app on your PC and play your favorite content. The same gets cast to your Roku TV.

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How to Screen Mirror Sky Go to Roku using iOS Devices

Download Sky Go app on your iOS device from App Store. Few of the recent Roku devices can support AirPlay, so you will be able to screen your iPhone or iPad to the Roku.

The Roku devices that supports AirPlay are

Roku TV – Axxxx, Cxxxx, CxxGB, 7xxxx.
Streambar – 9120.
Smart Soundbar – 9101, 9100.
Ultra – 4800, 4670, 4661, 4662, 4660, 4640.
Streaming Stick + – 3811, 3810.
Premiere – 4630, 4620, 3920.

Other devices like Roku Express 3700, Roku Express+ 3710, and Roku Express+ 3910 cannot support the screen mirroring feature.

On your Roku, enable the AirPlay option.

  • Go to Settings from the home screen.
  • Then choose Apple AirPlay and HomeKit.
  • And select Apple AirPlay and HomeKit Settings.
  • Now Turn on AirPlay by clicking it.

1). Connect your iPhone or iPad and Roku under the same Wi-Fi network.

2). Swipe down on the screen or swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center.

Screen Mirroring iPhone

3). Tap the Screen Mirroring option.

4). Select your Roku device from the list.

5). Now, your iPhone will be mirrored to the Roku TV.

6). Open the Sky Go app, and you will find your iOS screen on your TV screen.

How to AirPlay Sky Go to Roku from Mac PC

Download the Sky Go app on your Mac PC from the website and log in to your Sky TV account. You can also use the AirPlay feature in the Mac to screen mirror Mac to Roku. Alternatively, you shall even watch Sky online and AirPlay it to TV.

1). Make sure to connect your Mac and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network.

2). Click on the AirPlay icon on the top menu bar of the screen.

Sky Go on Roku

3). Choose your Roku device from the list.

4). Open the Sky Go app on your Mac once the screen is mirrored.

These were the different techniques in which you can stream Sky Go on Roku Streaming Stick or TV. Until the official support of Sky on Roku, you shall follow casting or screen mirroring. With this, you will never miss anything from live sports to shows, news, catch-up movies, and more. In addition to Sky Go, you shall get Sky Sports Box Office on Roku.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sky Go available on Roku or Can you get Sky Go on Roku?

No, the Sky Go app is not available for Roku Streaming Stick or Roku Express, or any other Roku models. You have to screen mirror the app from your smartphone or PC.

What devices are compatible with Sky Go?

Smart devices like iOS, Android, Playstation, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV devices, Windows PC, and Mac PC are compatible with the Sky Go app.

What is Sky Go Extra?

It is a Sky TV package to stream live and catch up on TV. With Sky Go Extra subscription, you can download your recordings to watch them offline.

How to watch Sky Go in the USA?

You can use any trusted VPN connection to watch Sky Go in the USA.

Does Roku have Sky Go?

No. There is no official app available for Roku devices.