How to Watch Sky Sports on Roku [July 2022]

Sky Sports on Roku

Sky Sports is a streaming app to get the latest sports news, commentaries, live blog, scores, live matches, updates, and highlights of every sport you want. You can stream live channels, including Football, Golf, Cricket, Action, etc. In Sky Sports, you get up-to-date information about the results, tables, live scores, and fixtures. Now, you can watch Sky Sports on your Roku device, although it isn’t officially available. In other words, you need to rely on a streaming service that offers Sky Sports with its subscription package.

You can watch Sky Sports for free with the TV provider subscription. So, you can subscribe to the plan and watch the live channels and live scores. Further, you can follow and get the news feed about your favorite teams, sports, and players. If you want, you can turn on the notification to get alerts from your favorite team. With the Sky Sports channel, you will get access to 112 EFL Championship matches, 126 Premier League matches, and more.

Highlights of Sky Sports

Sky Sports also features some unique features that you will find useful while accessing the channel on your device.

  • Sky Sports is the home to the latest sports events and news highlights.
  • It is one of the few services that lets users tailor their sports news list.
  • The service will bring you a timeline and stats of the popular games.
  • It features a dedicated sports section for different games.

Can I Watch Sky Sports on Roku with Now TV

Yes. Now TV is an exclusive streaming service to access Sky Sports for an unlimited time. With the Sky Sports Membership, you can watch 11 Sky Sports channels, including Sky Sports F1, at an affordable price. It costs £33.99/month (£25/month at an offer price), and you can stream the channel on three devices simultaneously. It is available as a day or month membership, and you can cancel the subscription at any time.

With this, you shall stream sports events in full HD with immersive Surround Sound. Besides, it brings more than 1000 hours of highlights and on-demand documentaries.

How to Stream Sky Sports on Roku

You can watch Sky Sports by installing the Now TV on Roku. Now TV is available on the Roku channel store, so you can easily install it. As of now, the standalone Sky Sports app is not available on the Roku Channel Store.

Quick Guide: On Roku Home > Streaming Channels > Search Channels > search for Now TV > select the app >> Add Channel > Go to Channel > Sign in and search for Sky Go.

[1] Press the Home button to get to the home screen.

[2] Select the Streaming Channels option.

Sky Sports on Roku

[3] Scroll down to the list and select the Search Channels option.

[4] Enter Now TV and search for the app.

Now TV

[5] Select the Now TV app and click the Add channel button.

[6] Once installed, open the Now TV app on your Roku.

How to Activate Sky Sports on Roku

With the installation of the Now TV app, you should proceed with activating it to stream Sky Sports on your TV.

[1] Launch the Now TV app on your Roku TV from the channels section. Note down the activation code.

[2] From a browser, you shall visit

Sky Go on Roku - Now TV Activation

[3] Enter the activation code and click Continue.

[4] If prompted, enter the login details.

[5] When the activation is successful, you can refresh Now TV on Roku.

[6] Now, search for Sky Go, and you can stream its content.

Alternative Way: How to Get Sky Sports on Roku Via Screen Mirroring

[1] First, download Sky Sports on your smartphone from the Google Play Store.

[2] Go to the Notification Panel on your smartphone.

[3] Then, select the Cast option. The device will start to search for the nearby device and display it. Choose your Roku device.

Cast option

[4] You will get the warning pop up on your screen. Tap Start now to continue further.

[5] Now, open the Sky Sports app from your mobile and choose any preferred video. The selected one will successfully be mirrored on your TV screen.

How to Watch Sky Sports on Roku Via Roku Website

As you can add Now TV from Channel Store, you shall start streaming Sky Sports.

[1] Open a web browser on your PC and search for the Roku Channel Store.

[2] Look for the official website of the Channel Store ( and click on it.

[3] Navigate to click on the Sign In link to log in to your account. Make sure to use the same login as your Roku TV.

[4] Click on the Search bar to type as Now TV and select the same from the suggestions.

[5] Now, tap on the Details option to get the channel info screen.

[6] Click on the +Add Channel button to add the Now TV on Roku.

Sky Go on Roku - Add Now TV

[7] Now, activate the channel and refresh Roku TV.

[8] Find Now TV to start streaming it from your Roku TV.

These were all the possible ways to get Sky Sports app on your Roku Streaming device. With the Now TV Sports membership, you shall stream all the Sky Sports channels at one price.

Sky Sports Compatible Devices

Besides Roku, you can access Sky Sports on different devices.


Is Sky Sports on Roku?

No. It isn’t yet officially available for the Roku TV channels.

Can you get Sky Sports on Roku?

Yes. You can get Sky Sports with the help of Now TV.

How to watch Sky Sports on Roku from the USA?

To stream Sky Sports from the USA on your TV, you should get a VPN to unblock the geo-restrictions.

Is Sky Sports Box Office on Roku?

No. There is no direct way to get Sky Sports Box Office on Roku, and thus, you should rely on Now TV to watch the channel.

Can you watch Sky Sports for free on Roku?

No. You need to pay a subscription fee to stream the channel on Roku.

Can I watch Sky Sports on Roku Stick?

Yes. You can follow the same procedure as that of the Roku TV.