How to Install and Use Smule on Apple TV

Smule on Apple TV

In the App Store, you can find a lot of unique apps for iPhone and Apple TV. The Smule app comes under the category of Karaoke apps. In the app, you can pick a song, and it will play the background music of that song with lyrics. In the app, you can sing solo and invite your friend to sing along with you. Smule is one of the best apps to make karaoke on Apple TV. It is the best app for creating studio-quality audio by adding Vocal FX. Smule has a global community of users and thus is a great platform to exhibit the singer in you. The library of Smule gets updated with new songs every day.

You can install the Smule app only on the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. In the older version of Apple TV (Apple TV 3rd and below), there is no App Store to install apps. You are limited to the pre-installed apps. If you want, you can screen mirror the app from your iPhone. The Smule app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. However, you need a microphone while using the Smule Apple TV app. i.e., you can use your iPhone as a mic or connect an external mic such as Air Microphone on your Apple TV.

Smule Apple TV App Features

With the Smule on TV, you will get access to all these features given below.

  • The users get the chance to sign karaoke songs for more than 10 million songs.
  • It supports recording songs as solo, group, or duets and sharing them over social media.
  • Users can host or join the karaoke party from the Apple TV.
  • It lets the user create their own music videos using the video editor.
  • With the on-screen pitch guide and tutorials, one could practice the song.

Smule Subscription

Smule is free to use, and it offers in-app purchases at different prices.

  • VIP All Access Pass: $7.99/month or $39.99/year.

With this, the users will get access to unlimited solo songs and songbook access without any ad interruptions. Further, it supports inviting one user to join for a duet. The Smule profile can be personalized with premium vocal filters.

How to Install Smule on Apple TV

Quick Guide: From the home screen, select App Store >> choose Search >> enter as Smule >> search and select the app >> click Get >> select Open.

(1) On your Apple TV, go to the App Store and open it.

Smule on Apple TV

(2) The popular apps will appear on the App Store. On the top, you can see Featured, Top Charts, and more.

Smule on Apple TV

(3) Go to the Search bar. Now, the on-screen keyboard will appear. Search for Smule.

Search option

(4) Select the Smule app on the list of apps.

(5) On the next screen, click the Get icon to download the Smule app.

(6) After the app is downloaded, click the Open icon to run the app.

(7) Enter the Smule login details to sign in with your account if asked.

(8) Pick a song and reveal the singer in you.

Alternative Way: How to AirPlay Smule to Apple TV

You can use this method on older Apple TV models to get access to the Smule app and perform karaoke.

(1) Install the Smule app on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

(2) Connect your iOS device to the same WiFi network as your Apple TV.

(3) Now, go to the Control Centre and tap on the Screen Mirroring option.

Screen Mirroring feature

(4) It will search for a nearby Apple TV device. When your device is detected, tap on it.

Smule on Apple TV

(5) Then, open the Smule app and choose a song.

Smule on Apple TV

(6) The background music from your iPhone and the lyrics will appear on your Apple TV.

Install the Smule app on your Apple TV and sing your favorite songs with the background music. Screen mirror the Smule app if you have the older version of the Apple TV. Invite your friends, sing along, and have fun with the Smule app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Smule cost?

It costs $7.99/month and $39.99/month.

Why is the Smule Apple TV app not working?

It may be due to a bug or error. You can force close the app and relaunch it to fix the issue. In addition, update the app with the latest version if available.

Is Sing on Apple TV?

The app is compatible with Apple TV.

What is the best karaoke app?

Smule, Karaoke, StarMaker are some of the best karaoke apps for Apple TV.

How do I use karaoke on Apple TV?

Smule is one of the best apps for karaoke on Apple TV. You can also use the built-in feature to karaoke on Apple TV.