How to Install SoPlayer on Apple TV [Two Ways]

SoPlayer on Apple TV

SoPlayer is an intuitive and user-friendly video player app compatible with different devices. Apple TV is one of the streaming devices that are compatible with the SoPlayer. You can get it installed from the App Store. With the SoPlayer, the user can stream their favorite movies, TV shows, and series with an active internet connection. Since SoPlayer is a free middleware application, it doesn’t provide any streaming content. There is no need for any subscription or registration to access the contents as you get the login credentials from your service providers. It is a fully customizable video player with a smart user interface. So you can access it without any technical knowledge.

With the smart grouping of episodes and seasons, finding and accessing titles is made easy. It even lists the channels based on the frequency of usage. So, you will spend less time searching for the channel every time. It is to note that to use SOPlayer, you need a service provider who provides provider ID and login information.

What’s New with SOPlayer

With every update, SOPlayer adds new features or improvements. The latest version holds the below features.

  • It uses cutting-edge technology in codecs playback.
  • The interface of the SOPlayer is redesigned with a new UI/UX.
  • It now supports rewind and fast-forwards live TV features.

How to Install SoPlayer on Apple TV

SoPlayer can be installed on Apple TV 4K and newer models.

Quick Guide: Open the App Store > click Magnifier icon > type as SOPlayer > choose the app > select Install > click Open.

(1) Connect your Apple TV with your TV. Also, connect Apple TV to WIFI.

(2) Press the home button on the Apple TV remote.

(3) From the Apple TV home screen, navigate to click on the App Store tile.

App Store

(4) Click on the Search option.

(5) On the search field, type SoPlayer.

SoPlayer on Apple TV

(6) Scroll down and select the SoPlayer application.

(7) On the app info screen, click on the Install button.

(8) The SoPlayer app will be downloaded and installed on your Apple TV.

(9) Click on Open to launch the SoPlayer app.

(10) Now, enter the Provider ID, Username, and Password provided by the IPTV service provider.

(11) On successful login, you can start streaming the content you want to stream on your Apple TV.

SoPlayer on Apple TV

How to Screen Mirror SoPlayer on Apple TV

For older models, like Apple TV 3rd Gen or lower, you have to screen mirror the app from your iPhone or iPad.

(1) Connect your Apple TV and iOS devices to the same WiFi connection

(2) Install the SoPlayer app from the App Store.

(3) Open the SoPlayer app and enter all the necessary details.

(4) Now, go to the Control Panel and choose the Screen Mirroring option.

Screen Mirroring option

(5) Choose your Apple TV on the list to which you want to screen mirror.

SoPlayer on Apple TV

(6) Now, stream any of the video content from the SoPlayer app.

(7) It will appear on your Apple TV.

SoPlayer Not Working on Apple TV

If the SoPlayer app is not working, you can try the following solutions.

  • First, try closing and then reopening the SoPlayer app.
  • To enhance the user experience, you will get app updates frequently. So you can check if the latest version of the app available when the app is not working. If there is any update, make sure to update the app on Apple TV.
  • If there weren’t any updates, you can try uninstalling the application and reinstalling the SoPlayer app.
  • Try restarting the Apple TV so that any minor issues with the device will be fixed immediately.
  • Sometimes if there is any firmware update for Apple TV, the apps may stop working. So make sure to update the Apple TV.
  • If none of the above methods helps, just reset the Apple TV.

That was all about installing and using SOPlayer on Apple TV. It is one of the video players to support EPG, and thus, you will not miss out on any upcoming programs. If your TV has enough space, you shall get it directly from the App Store. Otherwise, it is a good idea to screen mirror from the iOS device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install SoPlayer on Apple TV

The SoPlayer app is available on the Apple App Store. So you can easily install the SoPlayer application and start streaming your favorite movies.

Does IPTV work on Apple TV?

IPTV helps you to stream various live TV channels (both local and international) and on-demand video content. Some IPTV apps work well with Apple TV.