How to Get Tubi on Chromecast with Google TV

Want to explore the non-stop entertainment video content for free? We have a great streaming app called Tubi, which offers you everything under one roof. Tubi is an American-based media platform that was owned by the Fox corporation. You can watch tons of movies and TV shows that too without a monthly subscription. The Tubi app is compatible on Google TV and this post will guide you with the steps.

Tubi adds new HD movies and TV shows every Friday. You can create your personal bookmark and add your favorite shows or movies which you want to watch later. In the Tubi app, you get content from different genres like Action, Horror, Anime, Drama, Comedy, Korean movies, and so on.

How to Install Tubi on Google TV

[1] Ensure to connect the strong internet connection to the Google TV.

[2] Move the pointer to the Apps section and select the Search for apps option.

Apps section

[3] Then, in the search bar, type Tubi and wait for the result.

Type Tubi

[4] Pick the Tubi app from the result and click Install.

Install Tubi on Google TV

[5] It takes a couple of minutes to download. Once done, tap the Open button and launch the Tubi.

Launch Tubi on Google TV

How to Activate the Tubi on Google TV

[1] Open the Tubi app that you’ve installed to get your activation code.

[2] Go to the Tubi activation website.

[3] Then, enter the activation code and click Activate.

Activate Tubi on Google TV

[4] Upon activating, the Tubi app page will appear with the video content. You can enjoy streaming your favorite shows.

How to Cast Tubi on Google TV

[1] Connect your Google TV and smartphone to the same WiFi connection.

[2] Install the Tubi app from the respective store (Google Play Store or App Store) and log in to the account.

[3] On the app’s page, choose the video and click the Cast icon.

Cast Tubi on Google TV

[4] Choose your Google TV device.

[5] Now, the selected video will play on your Google TV.

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1. Is Tubi available on Google TV?

You can find the app on the Google TV store.

2. Can you watch Tubi on Chromecast?

Yes, Chromecast supports the Tubi app. You can install it on a smartphone or PC and cast it on the TV.