How to Stream Vevo on Google TV [All Possible Ways]

Vevo on Google TV

Vevo is a great music platform that comprises music videos of popular artists worldwide. It is a free service that allows users to access more than 450 thousand music videos with ad-supported. Unfortunately, there is no dedicated app for Vevo. You can’t find the app either in Play Store or App Store. Due to the agreement with Google, Vevo content is accessible only on the YouTube platform. So, you can stream Vevo on Google TV via the YouTube app. This blog includes the steps on how to get Vevo on Google TV.

To watch ad-free Vevo videos on YouTube, the users need to buy YouTube Premium. Vevo contains music videos of all languages. Most of the videos on YouTube are owned by Vevo. The Vevo copyrights mark on the video represents that the video belongs to Vevo Inc. You can also access Vevo music videos on the artists’ official YouTube channel.

How to Get Vevo Music on Google TV

1) Start by turning on your Google TV and make sure that your TV has a stable internet connection.

2) Search for the YouTube app on the Google TV home screen.

3) If you can’t find the app, tap the search option at the top and enter YouTube on the search box using the virtual keyboard.

4) Open the YouTube app and sign in to the app using your Google Credentials.

Open YouTube app

5) Once you’re in, you can see multiple video content of YouTube on the screen. Click the Search icon from the top and type Vevo on the search panel.

6) You’ll find the official YouTube channel of Vevo at the top of the search results. Select the Vevo YouTube channel.

7) On the Vevo YouTube channel, you’ll get access to all music videos for free. Use D-pad on the TV remote and navigate to the Videos tab to see the latest music release of Vevo. Click Playlist and find your desired Vevo music easily.

8) To get notified about the latest release and events of Vevo channel, click the Subscribe button and select the Bell icon to get the notification.

Explore Vevo YouTube Channel

9) That’s it. Enjoy your favorite Vevo Music on Google TV.

How to Cast Vevo from Smartphone to TV

1) Make sure to update your YouTube app to the latest version on your Android phone from the Play Store.

2) Plug in the Chromecast with Google TV to your TV and set up the device.

3) Now, connect your TV and Smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.

4) Launch the YouTube app on your smartphone.

5) Log in to the app using the required Google credentials. Skip this step, if you’ve already signed in to the app.

6) On the YouTube interface, you’ll see a Cast icon displayed at the top.

7) Tap the Cast icon and you’ll see a small pop-up menu on the screen.

Click cast icon to screen mirror Vevo videos to Google TV

8) Tap the name of your TV and follow the on-screen prompts to start casting. If you’ve any doubts regarding casting, click the info icon and know about YouTube casting.

select the name of your Google TV

9) Now, you can see the YouTube screen on your Google TV.

10) Select the search box and type Vevo using the on-screen keyboard.

11) Select the Vevo YouTube channel from the search results and Subscribe to the channel to get notifications in the future.

Tap Vevo and subscribe it

12) Explore the music videos on the Vevo YouTube channel and play your desired video. As the screens are shared, you can see the video on your Google TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I have to pay to view Vevo videos?

No, Vevo is a free app that provides all the music content for free. But with ad-supported.

2) Can I watch Vevo videos on Google TV?

Yes! You can watch Vevo music videos on Google TV. The process is super easy to do. Follow the above methods to get Vevo videos on Google TV.

3) Can I watch Vevo videos on Apple TV?

Yes! You can get Vevo on Apple TV using the screencasting method.