How to Watch Viki on Roku

Viki on Roku

Pocket Guide

  • From Channel Store: From the home screen > select Streaming Channels > choose Search Channels > input as Viki > select the app > choose Add Channel > Activate and Stream.
  • Via Website: On a browser, visit Roku Channel Store website > Login > Select Search bar > Type Viki > Select the channel > Choose the app tile > +Add Channel > Refresh Roku > Launch the app.

Viki is the greatest platform to stream Asian dramas and Korean video content. While Roku Channel Store isn’t the biggest, it still has many channels. So, you can add Viki on Roku TV to watch all your favorite Kdrama shows, TV series, award shows, music programs, etc.

The library of Viki gets updated regularly, and it has something interesting for everyone. Upon creating a personalized list, you can save movies, TV shows, and more to watch later. Besides this, you can rate the shows and help others decide between streaming or not. It creates a personalized list so you can save your favorite shows and movies for later access. It is home to Mainland Chinese and Taiwanese Dramas, Korean variety shows, etc. With the multi-language support, the users can stream shows in 150+ languages. With the subscription, users can stream exclusive content in HD quality without ad interruptions.

How Much is Viki on Roku

It is a subscription-based entertainment app. It is available for free, and its in-app purchases include different types of Viki Pass.

  • The Standard Viki Pass costs $4.99/month and $49.99/year.
  • Viki Pass Plus costs $9.99/month and $99.99/year.

With either of the pass, you shall stream Viki exclusive content in HD quality without any ads. Also, you will get a 7-day free trial with Viki Subscription if you sign up on the official website (

How to Install Viki on Roku

You will find Rakuten Viki on Roku as it is a Roku OS-compatible channel and is officially available on Roku Channel Store.

(1). After connecting your Roku media player to the internet, press the Home button of the Roku remote.

(2). Using the navigation keys, choose the Streaming Channels option.

Streaming Channels - Viki on Roku

(3). When Channel Store opens up, select the Search Channels.

Search Channels

(4). Navigate on the on-screen keys to type Viki or Rakuten Viki to search for it.

(5). From the search result, select the Viki app and wait for it to take you to its installation page.

(6). Navigate to click on the Add Channel option and wait for the installation of the Viki channel to complete on your TV.

How to Activate Viki on RokuOS

After you have added the Viki, you need to activate it to use on RokuOS.

(1). On your Roku TV, navigate to the Home screen to click on Viki to launch the channel.

(2). The screen will display an activation code, which you must note.

(3). Open a browser on your phone or PC and go to the Viki Activation link (

(4). Sign in with your account and enter the activation code or the Viki Roku linking code.

Log In

(5). With this, the channel gets activated on Roku TV, and you shall start using its features.

Note: Alternatively, go to and enter the activation code.

Activation Code

Alternative Way: How to Get Viki on Roku Via Roku Website

You can quickly add Viki from the Channel Store from the browser. Upon adding, you shall watch Korea’s popular Kdramas and shows.

(1). Launch the web browser on your device and visit the Roku Channel Store.

(2). Click on the Sign in link to log in to the Roku account you used on your Roku TV.

(3). On the Search bar, type Viki and select the channel when you get the suggestions.

(4). Click on the Viki channel tile and select the +Add Channel button.

(5). When the channel gets added, you shall refresh your TV and access Viki.

Viki on Roku

How to Remove Viki Channel from Roku

If in case you no longer wish to use Viki on Roku, then here are the steps to remove it.

(1). Select the Streaming Channels option from the left pane and press OK to open Channel Store.

(2). Choose Viki from the list of channels installed on RokuOS. Click OK.

(3). Select Remove Channel from the list of options.

(4). If prompted to confirm, click Remove, and the Viki channels get removed.

Viki on Roku Not Working: Possible Fixes

If you cannot access Viki on Roku, try the fixes below.

  • Find out if the internet connection is stable and fast. You can even try to connect the device to a different WIFI.
  • Log out of your account and log in back.
  • Disable and enable the VPN to check if Viki works on your TV.
  • You can update the Viki app with the latest version.
  • Find if the Viki subscription is active.
  • Check out if there is any server outage or issue with Viki.
  • Try clearing the cache and storage of the Viki app on your TV.
  • Restart your Roku TV as it refreshes the app and resolves any temporary bugs.
  • Delete and add the Viki channel once again.

Installing, using, and removing the Rakuten Viki channel on Roku requires the above procedure. If you cannot fix Viki not working issue, you shall reach out to Viki support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Viki won’t load on Roku?

When the internet connection is slow or the bandwidth is limited, Viki will not load on your TV.

Is Viki free on Roku?

Viki is available for free. But, to get exclusive content free of ads, you have to get Viki Pass, which costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Can I get Viki on Roku?

Yes. You can get Viki for Roku officially available on the Channel Store, and you can get it installed.

How to Link Viki Account with TV Code?

From the Viki home, click on the Menu on the left to select Settings.
Select Log in now.
Click on Generate Code.
Now, visit and log in to your account.
Enter the Viki TV code as shown on your Roku.
When the code is activated, click on I have entered the code to finish.

Does Roku have Rakuten Viki?

Yes. It is officially available on the Channel Store.

Why does Viki won’t load on Roku?

If you come across Viki not loading on Roku, it may be because of the internet issue. Make sure to connect Roku to WIFI which is stable and fast.