How to Install and Watch VUit on Firestick / Fire TV

VUit on Firestick

VUit is a free streaming service on Firestick that includes on-demand access to the content produced by the local TV news stations. Unlike the pirated sites, using streaming services like VUit gives us good sound and video clarity. One of the good features of VUit is the instant playback. The content is served in a way that the files can be seen immediately after downloading it. So it is easy for the users to enjoy the movies and shows. In addition, the service brings you documentaries, sports, local stations, original short films, business programs, and more. We can install the VUit app on our iPhone/iPad, Android Phone/tablet Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and Smart TVs. However, the article will guide you on the installation of Vuit on Fire TV.

VUit app Logo

How to Get VUit on Firestick

You can install VUit on Firestick with the following two methods:

  • Install via Amazon App Store
  • Install via Downloader

Install VUit TV on Firestick Via Amazon App Store

VUit is available for free on Amazon App Store, and you don’t have to pay to stream it. So, we can install it easily on Firestick.

Quick Guide: From Firestick Home >> click Find >> select Search >> type VUit >> select the app >> click Download >> select Open.

1. Firstly, set up your Firestick and connect it to the WIFI or internet connectivity.

2. Click on the Find tab on the home screen of the Fire TV Stick.

3. Select the Search tile when the menu expands.

4. In the search box, type as VUit and press the OK button on the remote controller.

  • When the list of suggestions appears, you should choose VUit.
VUit on Firestick- Search Box

5. Select the VUit app from the search result to proceed.

VUit Lite

6. Click on Get or Download button to download and install the app.

Download Button- VUit

7. Select Open to launch the app after it gets installed.

  • When prompted, you shall sign in to your account or sign up for a new account.
Launch Screen

8. Finally, you can access the VUit Home Page on Firestick.

Home Page

Alternative Method: Sideload VUit on Fire TV Stick via Downloader

If you are unable to download the app directly from the Amazon App Store, you can sideload the app on Firestick. For this, you shall use the Downloader app for Firestick.

Install Downloader on Firestick

1. Go to the Firestick Home screen.

2. Tap on Find and click the Search tab.

3. Type as Downloader in the search tab.

Downloader Search Tab

4. Click on the Download button to install the Downloader app on Firestick.

Enable Unknown Sources

1. On the Firestick home screen, click the Settings icon.

2. Tap on the My Fire TV tab.

My Fire TV

3. Click on the Developer options.

Developer options

4. Select Install unknown apps.

Install unknown apps

5. Turn on Downloader to install the Vuit app on your Firestick as an apk.

Turn on the Downloader

Sideload VUit on Firestick via Downloader

1. Firstly, open the Downloader app on your Firestick.

Downloader app

2. Navigate to the URL field and type the VUit apk download link.

3. After entering, tap on the Go button to download VUit apk for Firestick.

4. The apk file will be downloaded. Tap on Next, followed by Install.

5. After the installation, select the Open button to launch it.

  • Optionally, to delete the VUit apk file from Firestick, click on the Delete button.

How to Use VUit on Firestick

VUit is a completely easy app. We can go to our required content in a matter of minutes. If you want to use VUit, you can add it directly to your home screen.

1. Long press the Home Button on the Firestick until a menu appears on the Firestick screen.

2. Click the Apps button from the menu.

3. You need to scroll down to the VUit app.

4. With the pointer on the VUit Lite app, press the three horizontal line, which is Options using your remote.

5. After that, select Move to Front.

6. Finally, the Home Screen appears and you shall start streaming the VUit TV channels list.

VUit on Firestick Not Working: Troubleshooting Ideas

Even though the VUit app performs at its best, the network and software glitches arising will cause some annoying trouble to the users of the app. Some of the common error terms that appear as a pop-up include playback error, tap to retry, this video is unavailable, connection to server lost, and something went wrong, etc.

These pop-up messages indicate that there is trouble with your device. In this case, you need some options to troubleshoot your device. The following troubleshooting options will assist the user in making the app run as it was earlier.

Force Close the app

Close the app on Firestick and opening it again can solve temporary issues. When the VUit app doesn’t work as it should, when the video streaming is laggy, or when the app becomes unresponsive, we can close and open the app again. It is simple to do.

  • Press the Fire TV remote’s home button twice to bring up the recent app menu.
  • With the remote’s D-Pad, you shall highlight the VUit app to force close.
  • Tap on the down button on your Fire remote to move the app preview to the X icon.
  • Click Enter or Select button on the remote to select the Dismiss option.
Force close on VUit

Check the Internet Connection

If you are using the hotspot or mobile data, disable and enable it again. If you are using Wi-Fi, turn off the Wi-Fi and turn it on again and check for Wi-Fi issues. Additionally, you shall even disconnect all other devices that use the same WIFI to reduce getting the bandwidth issue.


Restarting is one of the most used options for troubleshooting by everyone. By restarting, the issues will be cleared at the initial stage, and it will not go any further. Restart your Firestick where you installed the VUit app. After restarting, the VUit app should work fine.

That was all about the VUit app download on Firestick and the procedure to use it. In most cases, Fire TV users can install the VUit app from the Amazon App Store. Even otherwise, you shall get it with the alternative approach to stay tuned to the local TV, sports, and more.


1. Is VUit free to install?

Yes. Installing and downloading VUit is completely free.

2. What channels can you watch on VUit?

VUit provides about 200 channels. It covers various topics like news, business, sports, documentary, and live TV shows.

3. Does the VUit app has only local channels?

No. the VUit app contains both local and national channels.