How to Get Web Browser on Roku

Web Browser on Roku

Roku ranks the top if you are looking for a jailbreak proof media players. It has a dedicated channel store with tens and hundreds of channels available officially. Being a media player solely, you will not find any web browser on Roku. The developer hasn’t included the web browser support considering the user’s inconvenience of navigating on the TV screen. With the absence of a web browser on the Roku Channel Store, we have come up with an alternative approach. It is to note that the alternative way will work only if you have Roku 7.7 and later versions.

Procedure to Get Web Browser on Roku – Alternative Ways

The only way to use a browser on your Roku screen is by screen mirroring. Roku has built-in Miracast technology and hence you need either Android or Windows PC to screen mirror web browser to Roku.

Web Browser on Roku – Cast using Windows PC

(1) On your Windows PC, identify the notification icon on the task bar (bottom most right corner) and click on it.

  • Otherwise, place the cursor over the icon and right click to select Open Auction Center.
Select Open Auction Center

(2) Click on the Connect tile. If in case you don’t find then, tap on Expand to find it.

Select Connect to use Web Browser on Roku

(3) Windows PC will start scanning for the devices and it might take up to 30 seconds.

(4) When the available devices are shown, click on your Roku TV name and the connection will be established automatically.

(5) Now, you shall open the browser of your choice on Windows PC and the same will be reflected on Roku TV.

(6) Finally, you shall choose Stop Video on the Roku screen or click on the Disconnect option on PC to stop the casting.

Web Browser on Roku – Cast using Android

(1) On the apps column of your Android device, navigate to launch Settings app.

(2) Hover to click on Connected Devices to further select Pair New Devices.

(3) With this, Android will scan for available devices. Select Roku to create a connection.

(4) Get back to the apps section to launch a web browser on your Android.

(5) Your Roku TV will now show you the same content as that of your Android screen.

Know the Drawbacks

Even if you use screen casting technique to use browser on Roku, there are some disadvantages.

  • Using the browser via casting on Roku isn’t fully functional.
  • You shall need the casting device to work from behind.
  • This reduces the casting device battery to a great extent.
  • Navigating the browser using remote will be more complex.

That was all about getting access to the web browser for Roku. Hope that was a useful section for you. In case you need any clarification, you shall ask us through comments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the browsers that Roku once supported officially?

Browser X and POPRISM were the official versions of browsers that once Roku had official support.

Can I cast a web browser from iOS and Mac to Roku TV?

Yes. But you should have installed AirBeamTV to perform this task.

Will I get the best of browsing on Roku with screen mirroring?

Not completely. Although you can view the browser contents on Roku TV, you need to rely on your casting device throughout.