WhatsApp hardly requires any introduction, as it is the most popular social media app. It is used by several millions of users to share instant messages. The great part is it uses your internet connectivity to deliver messages reliably. Thus, you don’t have to spend any additional costs. With WhatsApp, you can chat one-on-one or with a group of people. In addition, it is used for both personal and business needs. Besides texting, users can chat over video or voice calls, share documents, files, photos, videos, and lots more. While WhatsApp is available for different devices, you will not find an official version for Amazon FireStick. Thus, this section guides you specifically on the installation of WhatsApp on Firestick.

Procedure to Install WhatsApp on Firestick

Despite the incompatible nature of WhatsApp on Fire TV, you can still install and use it.

Pre Requisite

(1). Using Fire TV remote, navigate on the home screen of Firestick to choose Settings.

Firestick Home

(2). Move to the right side to click on the My Fire TV option.

  • If you don’t have an updated version, then select System or Device.
Choose My Fire TV - WhatsApp on Firestick

(3). Now, highlight and select the Developer options.

Click Developer options

(4). If Apps from Unknown Sources shows Off, then click on it to turn On.

Turn On Unknown Sources

(5). On the confirmation pop-up, choose Turn On button.

Click Turn On

Steps to Sideload WhatsApp on Firestick

(1). Look for Downloader from the home screen of Firestick to launch it. If you don’t have the app, install the Downloader for Firestick using our guide.

(2). Click on the URL field of the Downloader app to type the download URL of WhatsApp. Then click on the GO button.

WhatsApp on Firestick

(3). Allow Downloader to finish the apk file downloading process.

(4). When the installation window appears, select the Install button.

(5). Let Downloader completes the installation of the WhatsApp apk in some time.

(6). Click Done to proceed further. Selecting the Open button will launch the app.

(7). To remove the apk file from Fire TV, choose the Delete button twice on the pop-up.

Alternative Way to Install WhatsApp on Firestick

If you have ES File Explorer installed on Fire TV already, then it can be used to sideload WhatsApp. Follow the steps once after enabling Unknown Sources.

(1). Go to ES File Explorer app on Fire TV and select the Downloader icon.

Select Downloader icon

(2). Navigate to the bottom to select the +New option.

Select New - WhatsApp on Firestick

(3). When you get the Download pop-up, key in the URL on the path field and enter the name as WhatsApp.

Enter Path Field - WhatsApp on Firestick

(4). Click the Download Now button to begin the apk download process.

(5). After the download, select the Open File option.

(6). Highlight and select the Install button.

(7). Select the Open button to launch the WhatsApp app on your Fire TV Stick.

Installing and using WhatsApp on Fire TV Stick requires the above steps to be carried out. We hope this section is useful for you. For any queries, you shall ask us through the comments section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use WhatsApp on Firestick?

Though the app is not available for Firestick, you can use the WhatsApp app without any issues.

Can you have WhatsApp on two devices?

No, you can’t. You can use WhatsApp on one device at a time.